Parking rates to double in Aug.

by Jeffrey Giuffrida | 6/19/96 5:00am

Beginning in August, Main Street shoppers will have to bring a few more quarters to park downtown.

On Monday, the Hanover Board of Selectmen approved a proposal by the town's Parking and Transportation Board to raise the hourly rate for the street's parking meters from 25 cents to 50 cents.

Drivers will be able to stay in their spots twice as long as they currently can. The new limit will be up to two hours.

Marilyn Black, chair of the board of selectmen, said the town's decision was based on input from downtown business owners.

The business owners wanted their customers to be able to stay in one place longer, Black said.

"It was felt that people wouldn't mind paying an extra fee to stay there for two hours,'' she said.

"I would think there would be less parking tickets,'' Black added.

Black said all revenues that the town takes in from parking fees are used to fund the Parking and Transportation Board, which tries to relieve downtown parking congestion.

Black said the town is planning to launch an effort to make residents aware of the increased fees next month.

Meters will be color-coded, and the town will install new signs to inform motorists of the change.

The meters on the east side of South Main Street between Lebanon Street and East South Street will remain 15-minute meters.

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