Ivy presidents seek link between race, job choice

by Aran Toshav | 11/11/94 6:00am

The Council of Ivy League Presidents conducted a survey of Dartmouth seniors yesterday in an effort to examine the implications of racial and ethnic differences on career choices.

The council decided to undertake the project, titled "The Minority Pipeline into Ph.D. Programs," during last June's meeting of the Ivy League presidents.

"The survey will explore the circumstances of the career choices that lead undergraduate seniors, both minority and non-minority, into Ph.D. programs and academia or other spheres of employment," Associate Director of Career Services Susan Wright said.

College President James Freedman said this topic has been on the agenda of the council for many years and that "the council has always been concerned about the choices of minorities going into academic careers."

A team of professional researchers has been asked to conduct the survey, Wright said. "They [conducted] in-depth interviews with four focus groups: Asian, African American, Latino and Caucasian seniors," she said.

A similar survey will be conducted at Columbia and Princeton Universities. "Using the preliminary information, the researchers will prepare a survey that may be used at many different schools," Wright said.

The council, which will hold its next meeting in December, meets twice a year to discuss mainly athletic topics.

"Athletics is the main reason they get together, but sometimes an issue like this gets on the agenda," said Caroline Campbell, the council's associate director.

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