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Joyner engages students

Making the transition from the political hot spot of the nation's capital to the slower pace of rural New Hampshire would seem like an illogical step for a government professor. Yet visiting Georgetown University Government Professor Christopher Joyner has done just that, fleeing Washington D.C., for his second summerto come teach at the College. "They asked me if I would be interested in coming, and it's worked such that each of those years I had the opportunity available," he said. The quality of the students at Dartmouth is one of the reasons he enjoys coming here in the summer, Joyner said. "They are first rate," he said.

Keyes speaks on 'urban saints'

Langley Keyes, an expert on urban planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, told stories of urban "saints" armed with networking skills who were able to remove drugs from several inner city housing developments. Keyes spoke before an audience of about 70 people in 105 Dartmouth Hall, as part of the Master's of Arts and Liberal Studies summer symposium.

New Health and Safety Office director named

Michael Blayney was recently appointed the new director of the College's Environmental Health and Safety Office and will be able to ride his bicycle to work starting Aug.

Government department reviewed

An external review committee, commissioned by the College, recommended government professors focus on a specific academic area in their research and made several other suggestions to improve the department. The external review is part of an on-going, four-year-old review process to evaluate each College department. The results of the Spring review were released to the College earlier this term and the recommendations may be made public once all departments have been reviewed, former Dean of the Faculty Karen Wetterhahn previously told The Dartmouth. Government department chair Nelson Kasfir said the review committee gave the department compliments as well as criticism and recommendations. "Basically teaching was good, but they thought we should focus independent work on trying to build a group within the department," Kasfir said. Kasfir said the department must write a response to the committee's recommendations but because many department members are vacationing during the summer the department will not respond until October. Government Professor Richard Winters said he did not feel the committee's suggestion that the department build a group within itself was well thought out. Winters added it is hard for the department to "devote scarce resources to build one specific, fairly fuzzy area of study." Assistant Dean of Faculty in the Humanities Mary Jean Green told The Dartmouth previously that occasionally the reviewers do not realize some of Dartmouth's constraints. Winters said he does not know if the suggestion will be implemented and added that if it does happen it will happen over many years. But government majors should not worry about their ability to study the topic effectively. "I don't think it is a student hostile or student friendly recommendation, it would not have a whole lot of impact on students," Winters said. Wetterhahn said external reviews are useful because they make departments take stock of where they are. "In terms of the future, it is a chance for the department to validate their ideas by an external review committee," she said. The committees that review the departments are comprised of outside scholars suggested by the individual departments and two faculty members from related fields.


'Midsummer' will open tomorrow

Amazons, fairies and lovers are abound in the drama departments production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream," Shakespeare's comedy about love's enchantment, opening Thursday in the Moore Theater at the Hopkins Center for the Performing Arts. Drama Professor James Loehlin directs the student cast that stars Nate Levine '97 as Puck, andEyal Podel '97 and Amanda Jones '97 as the lovers Lysanderand Hermia. Performances are at 8 p.m.

Summer brings house members closer together

The College's Greek system is no exception to the unofficial mandate that students must bond with their class during sophomore summer. "It's a lot like camp -- sometimes it is absolutely juvenile," said Alpha Chi Alpha fraternity summer President Matt Richardson '97.

Departments undergo review

External review committees recently completed evaluations of the chemistry, French and Italian, German, government and Spanish and Portuguese departments. The results of the reviews, which are part of an on-going, four-year-old evaluation process to evaluate College departments, may be made public when all departments have been reviewed, former Dean of the Faculty Karen Wetterhahn said. Associate Dean of the Faculty in the Social Sciences George Wolford said the College has finished reviewing all the science and social science departments.