Fifteen students allege three professors created 'hostile academic environment'

November 18, 2017 3:39pm

In allegations that span multiple generations of graduate students, four students in Dartmouth’s department of psychological and brain sciences told The Dartmouth this week that three professors now under investigation by the College and state prosecutors created a hostile academic environment that they allege included excessive drinking, favoritism and behaviors that they considered to be sexual harassment.


BarHop on indefinite hiatus

November 13, 2017 10:40pm

BarHop, a College-sponsored program that ran from February 2014 through May 2017, is “taking a pause,” according to an email statement from Joshua Kol ’93, director of student performance programs at the Hopkins Center for the Arts.


Relocated Hanover bear killed in Canada

November 10, 2017 9:08am

One of the three bears that were captured and relocated to Pittsburg, New Hampshire after entering a local home last spring has been lawfully shot and killed by a hunter in Quebec, which has a legal bear hunting season during the fall, according to New Hampshire Fish and Game wildlife biologist Andrew Timmins.


Q&A with art history professor Nicola Camerlenghi

November 10, 2017 9:08am

Art history professor Nicola Camerlenghi and his colleagues from other institutions photographed nearly 4,000 maps, prints and drawings from the last 3,000 years of Roman history at archaeologist Rodolfo Lanciani’s archive in Rome and created a website to house these archives, widening access to Rome’s historical objects for scholars and the general public.