Lawsuit puts spotlight on College's practices concerning sexual assault survivors

December 10, 2018 5:51pm

For Emma Rodriguez ’20, a trained WISE advocate, Movement Against Violence facilitator, and member of the Student and Presidential Committee on Sexual Assault member and the Sexual Violence Prevention Project’s student advisory board, the allegations made in the pending sexual harassment class action lawsuit against the College were disturbing, but not surprising. In the suit, seven women allege that the College ignored years of sexual harassment — and in some cases, assault — against them by three former psychological and brain sciences professors.


Alumni question donating after sexual harassment lawsuit

December 3, 2018 10:08pm

For a decade, Ruth Cserr ’88 has been a regular donor to Dartmouth. But in the wake of the pending sexual harassment class action against the College, which accuses three former professors in the psychological and brain sciences department of repeated sexual harassment, assault and misconduct, that is no longer the case.


Eye-tracking technology could help AR

November 12, 2018 10:59pm

Augmented reality is poised to have a bright future. Researchers at the College have developed battery-free, eye-tracking glasses that could be particularly useful for enhancing existing AR technologies.