Editors' Note

by Emma Moley and Jasmine Sachar | 5/22/14 4:44pm

On Sunday evening after an exhausting Green Key, Jasmine was lying in bed when someone informed her that Yama was shutting down. Frantically she texted the first person on her mind to grab dinner at the Hanover sushi establishment. When that person said no, she texted Emma, who obviously was available and eager.

At dinner, Jasmine talked about jumping onto and then quickly falling off the Chainsmokers stage, and Emma boasted about getting a selfie with the KAF guy at Lupe. Jasmine nostalgically ordered the Dartmouth roll and slowly savored each piece, knowing that it would be one of her last. Tears mixed into her mini bowl of soy sauce. Emma heard the grim news while eating sushi at Orient on Saturday evening — her friend nonchalantly mentioned that Murphy’s had burned down and that Yama was closing forever. Though she prides herself on being one of the most coldhearted people she knows, this news proved too much for her, and she had to be forcibly reminded why eating a fourth dinner at Yama was not a good idea. She may be a bit sentimental about the ’14s leaving, but none of you can make her happy like bibimbap does.

Their eulogizing abruptly ended when their server informed them that Yama was only closing for four weeks and reopening under new management.

Finally, we can connect our editors’ note to the issue. This is our senior issue. The ’14s are leaving. People like to use the word “bittersweet” to describe graduation. We won’t because it’s so damn clichéd. Graduation, we’ve decided, is like Yama closing and reopening under new management. You might think you’ll never taste another Dartmouth roll again, but that’s what reunions and big weekends are for (’sup creepy alums?). New beginnings are necessary, inevitably. Now stop crying, and enjoy your damn sushi.