Editors' Note

by Emma Moley and Jasmine Sachar | 5/8/14 3:21pm

The “Dartmouth is Happy” video got us thinking. First, why were we not asked to be in this video? When the video-makers approached Emma in the Reserves, she was sure they would ask her to show off her stellar dance moves. But no, they just wanted to make sure it was okay if they disturbed the sweltering silence for five minutes. In the aftermath of this snubbing, we sat back and wondered — are we happy? Luckily for all of you, we have come to the conclusion that, for the first time since we began working on The Mirror, both of us are simultaneously in a good mood. Maybe it’s the nice weather or maybe it’s the Coke “hug me” machine in FoCo that provides us with the love our imaginary boyfriends do not.

Jasmine is sort of in a good mood, but it is probably because she is simply ignoring all the reasons why she should be in a bad mood for a few hours. Taking three math and problem set-heavy classes this term has proven too much for her frail heart and ego. Lost in a frenzy of midterms with equations she doesn’t understand and a basket of laundry that hasn’t been done in an unmentionable number of weeks, Jasmine only feels silent resentment when she sees truly happy people frolicking on the Green and lackadaisically throwing a frisbee around. Why aren’t y’all studying? Commiseration is so hard to come by nowadays.

After what should have been a pretty bad week, Emma somehow ended up feeling quite content. Last Friday, her phone tragically fell (it was not her fault at all), and now the screen permanently displays a pretty but useless design of blue lines. After asking every CS major in BG if they could fix it, she came to terms with the fact that the phone was doomed. Although during the first few days of her phoneless week she was paranoid about missing hundreds of texts, she then remembered that no one ever contacts her. The week turned out to be quite liberating and gave her an excuse to be late to things. She also passed out while charitably giving blood on Wednesday, awaking to seven worried faces crowded around her. This near-death experience has given her a new appreciation for life, and she also enjoys the sympathetic looks she gets after telling the story.

Although Pharrell inspired us with his catchy lyrics, another editor just told us that “clap along” happens to be one letter away from “clap alone.” Take that as you will.