Mirror Picks

by Mirror Staff | 10/24/08 2:48am

High School Musical 2

I'll admit that in terms of plot and quality of fake tan, the original High School Musical is by far superior to its sequel. But no one watches the HSM franchise seeking provocative metaphors or representations of teens with "real beauty" (read: acne). No, we want a bright orange Ashley Tisdale shimmying in sequins and Zac Efron being pretty. Shirtless. Thus, HSM 2 is awesomely satisfying. And even those of you -- if you exist -- who might not care so much for Troy and his East High Wildcats, just watch the song "Bet On It" and laugh louder than you have at any Judd Apatow movie. I'm serious.

-- Emily Hirshey

Scorpion Bowls at the Orient

The other night when some friends, and I realized that there weren't enough sake cups for us all to do sake bombs, we decided to take on the scorpion bowl, the Orient's answer to jungle juice. It's massive, grossly fruity and has a shot of flaming 151 in the middle: what's not to like? Though the pyrotecnics are a little bit daunting -- do you blow it out and then slurp it up? -- the overall experience was definitely worth repeating. All the alcohol hangs out at the bottom so those last few sips pack quite a punch. That it comes with straws around two feet long is just an added bonus. Is it just me, or are they made for drunken straw dueling?

-- Amy Davis

Thriller by Michael Jackson

Yeah, that's right. "Thriller." I know we've all heard this song before, I know we all secretly practice the dance in our rooms, and I know we're all just waiting for an excuse to experience it again. So if you want to start getting in the spirit of Halloween a bit early this year, I would suggest dusting off your red leather jacket and watching the uncut version that proves why Michael "isn't like other guys."

-- Chris Whitehead