Mirror Picks

by Mirror Staff | 10/3/08 3:14am

Coupling: The Complete Seasons 1-4

The UK's answer to America's favorite "Friends," "Coupling" is surprisingly smart for a half-hour Brit sitcom about sex, love and bathroom humor. It's easy to pick out the Ross and Rachel doppelgangers and even easier to find yourself actually, for once, caring about them. And though the show leans toward the improbable and has a painfully annoying theme song, it's hard not to continually mutter, "That's so true," between chuckles. As an added bonus, not an episode goes by, it seems, without a Star Wars reference -- in a British accent no less.

-- Amy Davis

Minor Characters: A Beat Memoir by Joyce Johnson

If you think you're ragey, you have nothing on Jack Kerouac. Joyce Johnson's poignant memoir is a breathtaking spiral of vignettes chronicling her up-and-down relationship with the fiercely artistic, ever-changing, ever-on-the-move Kerouac. When "On the Road" became an overnight sensation, Joyce and Kerouac lived in the heart of New York City bohemia, roaming the city streets together and running in circles that included other famously wild artists like Allen Ginsberg. The story is as intense and poetic as any of Kerouac's novels. Joyce's memoir conveys the energy of the time period, lit with a background of drugs, infidelity, love and a genuine desire for artistic creativity.

-- Jilian Gundling


The Internet's greatest gift to mankind is not its amazing search capabilities or endless social networking, but its ability to lay bare the stupidity of animal and mankind in all their glorious forms. From the people who brought you "Can I Haz Cheezburger?" comes Failblog.org, a tribute to failure and basic Photoshop skills. I can't describe Failblog.org, it just needs to be seen. And laughed at.

-- Caitlin Kelly