Rebecca Siegel


Honey Alexander talks on campaign

Honey Alexander, wife of Republican presidential hopeful Lamar Alexander, told students of her positive feelings toward her husband's campaign in Iowa and New Hampshire in a lunch discussion yesterday. "I was just in Iowa and I am very upbeat about how the campaign looks there," Alexander said to a group of about 30 students in Morrison Commons in the Rockefeller Center for the Social Sciences. "The feeling [in Iowa] is very good," she said.

Huppe to leave College for Harvard

Alex Huppe, director of the CollegeNews Service for the past ten years, this week was named director of public affairs at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass. "I am very honored to have been selected," Huppe said.

Today's marijuana puts users in greater danger

Many health-conscious Dartmouth students will be concerned to hear new studies have proven marijuana to be more dangerous than previously believed. Director of College Health Services Dr. Jack Turco said today's marijuana is much stronger than it once was and is often laced with crack and cocaine. "People form opinions about marijuana based on their experience with it 20 years ago," he said.


Delivery man charged with assault

JeffreyGrosse, of Fairlee, Vt., a former employee of Everything But Anchovies, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to two counts of aggravated sexual assault after he confessed to sexually assaulting two counselors at Camp Wyoda on Lake Fairlee, according to the Valley News. According to a press release issued by the Vermont State Police, two female counselors were sexually assaulted in their cabin at 3 a.m.

College social scene keeps chugging along

Many people think Dartmouth's remote location precludes any sort of active social life, yet a wide range of social options are thriving in this sleepy New England town. With 16 fraternities and six sororities, including two historically black sororities and two historically black fraternities, much of campus social life revolves around Greek parties. In addition to single-sex organizations, Dartmouth has three coeducational Greek Houses and two undergraduate societies, which include men and women in their membership. Much to the chagrin of the administration, many of these shin-digs do have the tendency to resemble "Animal House" -- a 1960s movie based on Dartmouth's Alpha Delta fraternity.

New Hampshire gets money to beat heat

On Friday, President Clinton allocated $100 million for emergency home energy assistance to the 19 states that recently experienced extremely hot weather, according to a White House press release. New Hampshire received $313, 587, while the more hard-hit states such as Illinois and New York received $15,724,820 and $11,543,960 respectively. The Department of Health and Human Services distributed the money, which is authorized by the Low Income Home Energy Assistant Program. "This heat wave is an emergency that demands a response from the Federal Government to help ordinary Americans get through the summer," Clinton said, in the press release. "I am glad to be able to tell you that the Federal Government can help," Clinton continued. Clinton said federal law gives him the authority to provide more energy assistance to elderly and other low-income Americans in the even of a natural disaster. The money is used to pay cooling bills and to buy fans and air conditioners. The amount of money distributed to each state is based on the number of households in the State with income under 125 percent of the poverty level, the release said.

Car rolls over on highway

Four Dartmouth students were hospitalized Friday night after their car sped out of control and rolled onto a median, according to a Vermont State Police press release. Zaira Zafra '98 is currently listed in satisfactory condition at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center after she was treated for cuts to her face. The driver, Shephathiah Gordon '98, and the two other passengers Peter Sperger '98 and Ximena Arata '98 were treated at the DHMC and released, according to a hospital spokeswoman. In a telephone interview from her home in New York yesterday, Gordon said no one in the car had been drinking.