Rebecca Asoulin


Letter from the Editor

As of Sept. 19, The Dartmouth has switched our commenting platform over from Disqus to Facebook. 

Letter from the Editor

At The Dartmouth, we take our responsibilities to this community very seriously — responsibilities that extend both to our readers and our sources. I find it prudent at this time to restate some important policies of The Dartmouth that some members of the Dartmouth community have inquired about over the past few days.


Editor's Note

I do believe that we must follow certain moral codes and that religion can be useful in guiding us, but I still struggle with the text. Further, if I chose not to do so and engage with the text intellectually or not at all, how does that change my relationship to Judaism?

One on one with Gabas Maldunas '15

The National Association of Basketball Coaches included three Dartmouth students on its 2014-15 NABC Honors Court, announced at the end of July. Alex Mitola ’16, Connor Boehm ’16 and Gabas Maldunas ’15 met the requirement of earning a minimum 3.2 cumulative grade point average during the 2014-15 academic year. The NABC recognized Maldunas last year. The Dartmouth sat down with Maldunas to discuss balancing academics and athletics at Dartmouth.


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