Letter from the Editor

by Rebecca Asoulin | 5/16/16 6:35pm

At The Dartmouth, we take our responsibilities to this community very seriously — responsibilities that extend both to our readers and our sources. I find it prudent at this time to restate some important policies of The Dartmouth that some members of the Dartmouth community have inquired about over the past few days.

The goal of our news gathering, always, is to be fair and accurate as well as timely. Some of the information you read in The D every day comes from public statements: emails, speeches, events. Other information comes from one-to-one, private interviews our reporters conduct.

For private interviews, our policy is that anyone who has been interviewed by a reporter mayask to have their quotations read back to them after the interview, to ensure accuracy. If something is inaccurate, we will change it. If it's accurate, we won't. We also follow the policies of most U.S. news organizations regarding recorded interviews. We record interviews when possible to ensure accuracy, but we do not turn over those recordings — or transcripts of those recordings — to anyone, including the College administration or the people we interview. Anyone being interviewed by The D of course has the right to record the interview themselves.

Finally, readers of The Dartmouth should know that when reporters areon assignment for The D, they are working only for The D, not for any other publication, and they will not share information with other media outlets without the permission of the editor in chief. I have not given that permission in recent weeks, so if you see a quotation or other reporting from The Dartmouth in another news outlet, it was published there without our permission.

If you have any further questions about our policies, please feel free to email me ateditor@thedartmouth.com.

-Rebecca Asoulin, Editor-in-Chief