Letter from the Editor

by Rebecca Asoulin | 2/28/16 8:07pm

In our offices, we hold the bound volumes of The Dartmouth going back to 1910. This institution was founded in 1799, making The Dartmouth the oldest college newspaper in the country. We have a long history and one that Rachel and I feel incredibly honored to be a part of as this year’s publisher and editor-in-chief.

Looking through these bound volumes, I was surprised by the many forms that this paper has taken. We started as a weekly under the name The Dartmouth Gazette. Our masthead has changed since then from The Dartmouth Gazette to The Daily Dartmouth to finally, The Dartmouth. We have published as a broadsheet and as a tabloid. We have published different daily page counts. We have covered international news, we did not always have a features section, and we did not always have a blog.

In short, we have changed.

And it is again time for us to innovate. Starting in the spring, we will be publishing the Sports Weekly as an eight-page magazine on Mondays and the Mirror, in its current eight-page form, on Wednesdays. We will not be publishing the eight-page newspaper on either of those days. While we will continue to publish daily content including breaking news, this move will give us the freedom to tell the stories we want to tell. And — most importantly — to tell them in more innovative ways.

The paper must evolve to meet the needs of our readership. With our restructured printing schedule we aim to better meet these needs.

Over my first term as editor-in-chief, this newspaper’s staff, editors and directors constantly amaze and humble me. Our goal as the directorate leading this paper until next winter is to be the news and information service to this campus I know we can be.

Rebecca Asoulin, Editor-in-Chief 2016

Rachel DeChiara, Publisher 2016

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