Nicole Tsong


Police search at Tabard for 'illegal contraband'

Hanover and New Hampshire State Police officers conducted a search at The Tabard fraternity on Friday afternoon for "illegal contraband in the form of controlled substances," according to a press release from the Hanover Police Department. The police force, which had a search warrant for three rooms in the house, searched for approximately two and a half hours with the help of drug-sniffing dogs.

College's master plan sees northern exposure

The boundaries of the College, though seemingly static -- the Connecticut River, Wheelock St. -- are in perpetual change, with new lines being drawn all the time. Lo-Yi Chan '54, the campus master planner, mapped out the previous campus master plan in 1989, an update to a 1983 plan. But then the boundaries shifted. "Suddenly we bought the hospital," Chan said.

President's speech helps shift focus

The highly publicized allegations of a sexual relationship between President Bill Clinton and a 21-year-old White House intern garnered more student and faculty interest for President Clinton's annual State of the Union Address yesterday evening, but for many in the audience, the speech shifted focus away from the allegations to the actual issues addressed. The speech, which students and faculty viewed at the Rockefeller Center, the Hyphen and the Collis Student Center, among other places, focused on education, health care and IRS reform, but certain aspects of the speech still brought the allegations to mind. Shannon Marimon '00 said whenever the president mentioned family values or when the broadcasters showed First Lady Hillary Clinton, she thought about the allegations. "I thought he skirted the family issues really well by talking about diversity instead," she said. The scandal influenced other audience members to a lesser extent.

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