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February 24, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Police search at Tabard for 'illegal contraband'

Hanover and New Hampshire State Police officers conducted a search at The Tabard fraternity on Friday afternoon for "illegal contraband in the form of controlled substances," according to a press release from the Hanover Police Department.

The police force, which had a search warrant for three rooms in the house, searched for approximately two and a half hours with the help of drug-sniffing dogs. Small amounts of illicit substances and drug paraphernalia were confiscated, the release said.

"Nobody knew it was coming," Tabard President Michael Ferchak '99 said.

The search commenced at 4:15 p.m. on Friday and covered two doubles and one single.

Although no one was arrested on Friday, "investigation will continue and arrests are expected to result," according to the press release.

Since the search on Friday, people have been piecing together the incidents leading up to the issue of the search warrants, Ferchak said.

About a week and a half ago, Ferchak said, house residents reported missing property to him.

The students later alleged that the boyfriend of an '02 woman, who regularly visited friends at the house, had stolen items including cologne, jewelry and CDs, Ferchak said.

The boyfriend was turned in to the police by the students, and the room of his girlfriend was searched, Ferchak said.

"The police went to the girl's room, I believe, and found the boarders' stolen property along with stolen stuff from Omer and Bob's [Sport Shop] and a bunch of other places on campus," Ferchak said.

Ferchak said the man was arrested for breaking and entering and theft, and he thinks that incident might have led to Friday's search.

The students whose rooms were searched declined to comment.

The Tabard is currently communicating with its corporation officers about possibly seeking reimbursement from the police for damage caused to their house, including a broken door, Ferchak said.