Contraband found at Tabard

by Nicole Tsong | 11/25/98 6:00am

The police search of The Tabard coed fraternity on Friday afternoon turned up some contraband items, according to Detective Sgt. Frank Moran of the Hanover Police.

The search, conducted by six members of the Hanover Police force, two New Hampshire state troopers and a drug-sniffing dog, found contraband in all three of the rooms inspected by the police.

Moran would not expand on the content of the seized evidence, but said the warrant issued specified a search for "illicit drugs in the form of marijuana and any evidence of marijuana distribution." However, he added, "if you find other criminal evidence while you are lawfully on the premises, you can seize it."

The search, which commenced at 4:15 p.m. on Friday, and covered two doubles and one single, turned up contraband in all three of the rooms, Moran said. No charges have been formally pressed yet.

The warrant for the search was partially based on information provided by a man arrested and charged with receiving stolen property on Thursday, Moran added.

According to Michael Ferchak '99, president of the Tabard, the man, who was seen around the house with his '02 girlfriend, stole some property from boarders at the house.

The boarders reported the theft to the police, and the man was arrested after the police conducted a search at Butterfield Hall which turned up the stolen items in addition to items from stores in downtown Hanover, Moran said.

Ferchak said the police should not have based the search on information from a man who stole property from one of the rooms searched on Friday.

"They were victimized by this guy who robbed them," he said.

Moran said the police based the warrant on the arrested man in addition to information from other people.

But the situation for the search warrant was not perfect, he said, as police "ideally like to get information from people we consider law-abiding."

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