Kelsey Noonan


Divestment Clarified

To the Editor: In response to Yan Shurin's comment in The Dartmouth about the legitimacy of divestment, there seems to be some misunderstanding ("Disapproving of Divestment," Nov.

Scheiner tackles students' mental health at AXiD panel

A small group of students crowded into the lounge of Alpha Xi Delta sorority last night to hear psychology professor Janine Scheiner discuss psychological disorders at Dartmouth as part of Mental Health Awareness week. The informal lecture last night was carried out among laughs and interested questions.

Network error suspends Internet access

An error in the Dartmouth computer network early Sunday morning left hundreds of students without Internet access in their residence halls for almost 24 hours. The problem occurred when one of Dartmouth's two backup systems fell out of synch for unknown reasons, said Bob Johnson of Network Services.


Cords and Decibelles to sing at Fall Fling

Although many Dartmouth students may scream themselves hoarse at the Homecoming game this weekend, the Dartmouth Cords and Decibelles will be saving their voices for the biggest a cappella concert of the year. Each year, the Fall Fling a cappella concert fills Spaulding Auditorium with "doo-wops," "didees" and a few hundred students to kick off Saturday night's festivities.

Justice group addresses Juarez murders

Collis Common Ground overflowed Tuesday to hear the International Caravan for Justice speak on the hundreds of women kidnapped, tortured, raped and murdered in the Mexican border town of Juarez. Since 1993, 437 women have been kidnapped or murdered in Juarez, and the problem has extended to neighboring Chihuahua in recent years.

For adults, campus Catholics provide chance to switch faiths

Although a change in religion may seem difficult late in life, the Aquinas Catholic House is striving to make it a little easier. For the 13th year in a row, Aquinas House is offering the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults to Dartmouth faculty and students.

Dartmouth employees open wallets for Kerry

As the November presidential election approaches, Dartmouth employees have dug deep for the Kerry-Edwards campaign. Forty-five Dartmouth faculty members and administrators have donated a total of $30,500 to Sen.

Thayer construction serves as boon for campus decorators

As construction on the Thayer Engineering School moves into its third month, traffic road signs are disappearing and turning up in student dorm rooms. Safety and Security has recovered four stolen signs from the Thayer site during patrol in dorm and common rooms so far this term -- and the College wants to make certain that no more are stolen. With no one guarding the signs at night except Safety and Security officers on patrol, it is not difficult for signs to go missing. At the beginning of the term, River Community Director Krista Beron sent a BlitzMail message to all cluster residents warning about stolen signs. Beron later denied knowing of any actual cases. "We have so many; it is difficult to keep track of them all," site worker Alex Amature said. But at least two would-be freshmen thieves said stealing the signs has proved a challenge. "Our problem is not in taking the signs, it is getting them back across campus without being seen," said the freshman, a male resident of the Choates who did not want to be identified by name. "We figure we can fit a smaller sign into an EBAs large pizza box, but to move the big 'yield' and 'road closed' signs we may have to dress up as construction workers." He added, "I am in the market for a hard-hat, if anyone can help." Why the construction kleptomania?