Katie Tai


Hop offers lighter summer lineup

Entertainers need an audience, yet in a town as small and condensed as Hanover, competition for time and interest can be fierce.

Study shows binge drinking trends

Exposure to alcohol advertisements and marketing may correlate with increased binge drinking activity, according to a study published in December by a research team from the Geisel School of Medicine. The study found that alcohol marketers actively promote adolescents' identification with and allegiance to particular brands of alcohol. Lead author Auden McClure and co-author James Sargent collected and analyzed data from 1,734 subjects between 15 and 20 years old.

New York Film Festival director Richard Pena facilitated a collaboration between the festival and the Hopkins Center.


Film series spotlights collaboration with New York Film Festival

Courtesy of the Lincoln Center Coincidentally, the New York Film Festival and the Hopkins Center for the Arts are both celebrating their 50th anniversaries this year, and it is perhaps fitting that the upcoming weekend represents the first and perhaps only time that the two will collaborate.


Beyond the Bubble: The Art of War

Sun Tzu might not appreciate the usage of the title of his military treatise in describing a trend in this week's art-related openings and events, but the application is perfectly apt.


Rising in fame, Filligar begins East Coast tour this fall

Comprised of three Dartmouth alumni and their longtime friend, the band Filligar will bring its dynamic and vibrant musical talents back to the Eastern Seaboard over the next month, coming off the heels of its California tour. Filligar is a four-member band consisting of recent Dartmouth graduates and brothers Johnny Mathias '11, Teddy Mathias '09 and Pete Mathias '09, and they are joined by their close friend Casey Gibson. Their tour kicked off yesterday in Towson, Md., and they have a performance today in Woodstock, N.Y.

Daily Debriefing

Upper-middle-income families are being hit hardest financially as a result of rising college fees and the slumped economy, The Wall Street Journal reported.


The Resume

Pendleton Clayton Baxley XII Dartmouth College Hanover, N.H.6969 Hinman Pendleton.C.Baxley.XII.14@Dartmouth.Edu (678) 999-8212 Education and Training Dartmouth College, anticipated bachelor of arts in economics, minor in public policy: September 2010 June 2014-Coursework includes: Econ 26, astronomy, art history, Zumba-Computer: Microsoft Office, Stata (actually can't remember much), video editing (basically just iMovie)-Languages: English (native), Spanish (can't remember much either) Experience Citigroup, personal assistant to the CFO: March June 2012-Spent hours ensuring each department received correct coffee orders-Once trusted to edit important documents and ended up irreparably damaging them with copious coffee stains, consequently may have contributed to the recession-Honed golf and tennis skills Ivy Insiders, CEO of my branch (but really I was an instructor): June August 2011-Taught spoiled middle school brats grammar-Set up client base by snooping around my former high school, slathered head to toe in Dartmouth regalia Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, research sssistant: September 2010 March 2011-Watched cells grow and die-Shadowed many different people and was forbidden to touch the shiny, expensive equipment-Formerly contemplated a career in medicine until I dropped Chemistry 5 Leadership and Activities M@sters Champion: Date redacted-Not your average day of golf University Hill Summer Day Camps, camp counselor: June August 2009-Mentored and supervised groups of children aged 6-12-Surprisingly, had an amazing time and a great experience-But I'm never going to work with kids there's no money, no prestige


The Cover Letter

Everyone knows that you only get one chance to make a first impression. From your GPA to your grammar to your suit if you even get to meet your potential employer everything you say and do and wear will be scrutinized.


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