Joshua Marks


College loans are an investment for the future

To the Editor: I applaud the op-ed on student loans ("Owing an Arm, a Leg and a Future," March 29) for its compelling arguments regarding the seriousness of the debt burdens many college graduates face upon receiving that mighty diploma, and the need for increased transparency to assure the best ethical compliance.

Earning the right to vote

To the Editor: The op-ed piece regarding immigration and the hurdles for legal immigrants seemed to raise the issue of allowing legal resident aliens the right to vote ("The Problems with Being Legal," May 23). Surely this must be a mistake of the author, since it would be the height of lunacy to suggest that someone who chooses to retain his or her native country's citizenship, but has not opted for U.S.

A Vocal Majority

To the Editor: When I read Mr. Rothfarb's column (Oct. 4), I was struck by two immediate items.

Recognizing ROTC

To the Editor: Apart from the many letters and columns in The Dartmouth recently on the merits of the U.S.

Meeting Expectations

To the Editor: I am neither surprised nor dismayed by Dean Barnhardt or Dean Redman's words or actions.

Privilege Must Be Earned

To the Editor: I find Abbye Meyer's assertions (The Dartmouth, May 14th, "A Question Of Nondiscrimination") that single sex organizations are somehow a clear violation of Dartmouth's non-discriminatory standards puzzling.

The Way Of The World

To The Editor: I find myself amused by both Mr. Mishkin (The Dartmouth, April 2nd, 2001, "Reality Check") and Ms. Lafsky (The Dartmouth, April 6th, 2001, "Look A Little Closer"). I can only say that being a member of the "corporate slave machine" in New York, I cannot actually assign a proper value on whose opinion is more harmful to current undergraduates.

Options Exist if Only Students Exercise Them

To the Editor: In Mr. Deck's editorial he notes: "Using Glowacki's reasoning, if someone had old, decrepit shoes and said, 'Pretty soon, I need some new shoes,' they would be hypocritical if they didn't throw out their shoes right away and walk barefoot straight to Foot Locker." I believe the point being contested here is whether a new system supercedes or coexists with the old.

Trustees Need to Show More Understanding

To the Editor: In reading your article of April 19th, 1999 on the Trustees' next move in the social initiative, I noticed Trustee Dentzer stated, "The Board of Trustees owns the College." I have to question both the legal legitmacy and the tact with which this statement was made. First, I am not familiar with the charter of Dartmouth College, and I should be.

House Editorial Displays Hypocritical Intolerance

To the Editor: I am writing in response to your editorial piece on April 6. You stated that, and I quote: "Hate and intolerance have no place at Dartmouth, and those who feel the need to force their beliefs on others need to get the picture that such behavior is not welcomed here.