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Dartmouth Comic Conference sees continued success

Featuring a clearer focus on connecting the different disciplines that study illustration, this year’s Illustration, Comics and Animation Conference — the College’s third annual — welcomed more than 20 scholars and artists to Hanover this weekend, event organizer and English professor Michael Chaney wrote in an email. Events at the conference, held primarily in Haldeman Hall, ranged from a book festival on Friday to a Saturday evening banquet in the Hanover Inn.


Feingold ’17, Rude Mechanicals take on namesake show

This weekend, The Dartmouth Rude Mechanicals — the College’s student-run Shakespeare troupe — took to Fahey Courtyard to premiere three performances of their spring production, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Avery Feingold ’17, the group’s president and a two-year member of the troupe, reflected on the performance, the group’s choice to perform outdoors this spring and the near-inclusion of a reference to Netflix in the student performance.

Upperclassman athletes, coaches prepare ’18s for fall

As peers prepared to be welcomed by flair-festooned upperclassmen on the Robinson Hall lawn, a number of athletes in the Class of 2018 were busy with a different introduction to Dartmouth: one characterized by team dinners, intense workouts and pep talks.


Students, faculty reflect on summer arts at Hopkins Center

Completing a slate that included performances from the New York Theatre Workshop, Andrew Bird and the Hands of Glory, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago and a documentary screening by filmmaker Ken Burns, the Hopkins Center’s summer programming will draw to a close in the coming weeks as the academic quarter ends. Reflecting back on the term, students, staff and faculty identified a number of highlights across disciplines offered at the Center.

Freshman Athlete Preview: Ahbe looks to make an impact on the ice

After a win in the 2014 IIHF Ice Hockey Under-18 Women’s World Championship in Hungary, the U.S. team gathered in the locker room and danced — to Miley Cyrus’ hit “Party in the USA.” The team, forward Brooke Ahbe ’18 said, was determined to celebrate in style on its way to an eventual silver-medal this spring.


Find a Spot to Hunker Down

With all of the hustle and bustle of your first few weeks on campus, it can be easy to skip out on quality time with your readings and problem sets. While you can always retreat to the isolation of your room or the comparatively spacious layout of your dorm’s common room, we’ve selected some of the best library study spots on campus where you can get work done away from any distractions. Finding a seat is up to you, but with this list in hand, you’ll never have to ask the difference between Berry 3 and the stacks.

A candlelight vigil concluded Monday's Respect Works programming.

Students discuss sexual assault

A program intending to spark conversations surrounding sexual assault on campus brought approximately 130 students to Bones Gate fraternity yesterday afternoon. During the nearly four-and-a-half hour event, which stretched into the early evening, participants listened to an eight-student panel, spoke with faculty and guest speakers and crossed campus to the steps of Dartmouth Hall in a candlelight vigil.

DP2 DRIVE trains athletes in leadership for second summer

While the adjustment to a larger number of students has not changed the program’s focus, it has reduced the number of experiential exercises included over the course of the summer and increased the number of DP2 staff involved, program leader and assistant athletics director for leadership Steven Spaulding said.


Surging from Sophomore Slump

When I finally found a student to chat, he was quick to mention that the sophomore slump didn’t apply to him and that it might only be affecting his friends.

"The Great Stone Dwelling" is the largest Shaker residential building in the country.


Museum draws visitors to idyllic site

The Shakers adopted confession of sin, celibacy and communal living in their search for a perfect Christian life. Their beliefs are often associated with their energetic and whirling expressions during worship — hence the name “Shakers.”

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