Jeremy Gart



Gart: Build Back Louder

With the opening of two new buildings and a copious number of additional study spaces, we should let these new areas be for social studying instead of enforcing quiet zones.


Gart: How You Can Help

The Russian attack on Ukraine requires a fundamentally different approach than the current activism around social justice issues.


Gart: Nothing To Sneeze At

Dartmouth’s intentional ignorance is a COVID-19 strategy that should thrill the student body — and yet, some of us are still complaining.


Gart: The Cohesion Enigma

The Class of 2025 may have less in common with each other than any freshman class in Dartmouth’s history — and yet, it’s up to us to restore normalcy to the College. 


Gart: The Gym? Really?

Even as the College promises to do better in the way of COVID-19 policies and mental health, the recent gym closure demonstrates how one step forward always involves two steps back.

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