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April 16, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Editors’ Note: Winter Carnival Special Issue 2023

As temperatures fluctuate, opportunities to break the ice abound


This article is featured in the 2023 Winter Carnival special issue. 

Welcome to winter in Hanover! Three weeks ago, we were immersed in the midst of a historic warm spell, with just one run open at the Dartmouth Skiway and a cautiously optimistic student body. Now, we’re recovering from last Friday, when windchill temperatures around campus hit nearly negative 40 degrees. 

As both temperatures and emotions fluctuate, it’s time we take a hard look at the constants that make Dartmouth winters unique. In this special issue, articles explore how to revive the spirit of Winter Carnival, the ways in which Hanover winters have changed over the years, how the social scene on campus shifts fundamentally to fit the frigid outdoors and more. 

So in times of tumult, we encourage our readers to step outside their comfort zone and “break the ice.” Be bold in 2023: Introduce yourself to that person you’ve been crushing on, actually do your readings for class, click on a random Listserv email and show up to the meeting. A lot of people write off winter as a lost cause, just a term to trudge through on your path to spring term. But by breaking the ice and looking beyond our traditional horizons, we can peer through the cracks and see a side of Dartmouth that we never even knew existed. 

Stay warm out there, kids. 

Jeremy, Lauren and Tess