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Wind Symphony honors Nelhybel

The Dartmouth Wind Symphony will celebrate the life and work of composer and arranger Vaclav Nelhybel in a concert titled "A Composer's Life: Vaclav Nelhybel," tonight in Spaulding Auditorium. The Wind Symphony is a campus student ensemble that performs classical and contemporary music on campus and throughout New England. The concert will feature French horn artist Daniel Culpepper as the guest soloist in "Concerto for Horn and Sixteen Instruments," a work written for him by Nelhybel in 1983. Other works in the program will include "Chorale," which Nelhybel based on a medieval Bohemian chant that was born out of fear of the plague. "High Plains March," which will also be featured, is the only work by Nelhybel that can be categorized as a march. Some other pieces in the evening are Nelhybel's arrangements of pieces by Smetana, Monteverdi and other composers who influenced his work. Director of the Wind Symphony Max Culpepper, the father of Daniel Culpepper, will join Gary Corcoran of Plymouth State College, Douglas Nelson of Keene State College and Stanley Hettinger of the University of New Hampshire.


Valente invokes poetic spirit

"I am the blossom pressed in a book,/ found again after two hundred years ... I am the one whose love/ overcomes you, already with you/ when you think to call my name ..." With these words and those of other writings, the late New Hampshire poet laureate Jane Kenyon has left her mark on the public's mind, and echoes that still reverberate with us long after her death from leukemia in 1995. Kenyon was born in Ann Arbor, Mich.


Fall Fling hosts Yale Duke's Men

Three student a cappella groups delivered three unique yet rich styles of performance at this Homecoming Weekend's Fall Fling, an annual tradition that allows students to take center stage on the biggest, most exciting weekend at the College. The marquee featured two of Dartmouth's premier a cappella groups -- the Aires, who are celebrating their 50th year in existence, and the Rockapellas, a female group who intertwine messages of social awareness in their music -- and the Duke's Men, a male group from Yale University. The Duke's Men took stage second after the Aires and sang a line-up of more barbershop-quartet tunes.


Theater company abridges the Good Book

The Reduced Shakespeare Company, one of the world's best-known touring comedy troupes, will perform its hilarious repertoire of condensed versions of religious, political and literary classics at a sold-out show tonight. The group has many targets for its material.


Olodum shows social awareness in music

Bonded by the dual purposes of creating an innovative rhythm and forging a cultural and societal bond, the Afro-Brazilian percussion group Olodum will appear tonight in Spaulding Auditorium. Olodum (pronounced oh-lo-DOOM) uses rhythm, melody and folklore to create a societal bond that fosters the individual and collective self-worth by providing a cultural point of reference from which to be inspired and grow, according to Music Professor Hafiz Shabazz. The group's name is the shortened form of the Yoruba word olodumare, translated into English as God of Gods or God Almighty. Shabazz wrote in the journal Bossa, a Brazilian jazz music guide, that the group is an important unifying force in Brazil through both its music and community service, especially for Afro-Brazilians. Their sound is samba-reggae.


'Vicious Cycle' opens in Bentley

The student play "Vicious Cycle," alternately titled "How Elvis Really Died," opened last night in the Bentley Theater, unleashing a message about what happens when the limits of friendship are pushed too far. The play, written by Jay Hanlon '97, takes place at an unnamed college in New England and concerns a group of five friends. At the beginning of the performance, Jonathan (Marc Bruni '99) has to attend a formal in about half an hour, but can't seem to find a date. When his friend Alexander (Eyal Podell '97) enters with Jess (Gretchen Lanka '97), he asks Jess to go with him.

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