'Vicious Cycle' opens in Bentley

by Jack Vaitayanonta | 5/28/96 5:00am

The student play "Vicious Cycle," alternately titled "How Elvis Really Died," opened last night in the Bentley Theater, unleashing a message about what happens when the limits of friendship are pushed too far.

The play, written by Jay Hanlon '97, takes place at an unnamed college in New England and concerns a group of five friends.

At the beginning of the performance, Jonathan (Marc Bruni '99) has to attend a formal in about half an hour, but can't seem to find a date.

When his friend Alexander (Eyal Podell '97) enters with Jess (Gretchen Lanka '97), he asks Jess to go with him. Two weeks later they are dating.

There is a party held in Jess's room one day and people are hanging out. Travis (Dave Canny '97) becomes enthralled with Jess's next-door neighbor Wanda (Lani Sipe '98).

But Travis, an actor, is too timid -- he seeks advice from Jon about asking out Wanda. Wanda, however, is not interested in Travis and goes to bed with Jon instead.

The rest of the play concerns Jon's dishonesty to his friends and the way in which the others realize and react to him.

J. Morgan Drmaj '95, the play's director, said, "It's basically a play about friendship and the fact that Jon is a character who thinks he can get away with everything ... you can only push your friends so far before they're going to give up on you."

He said the play has no specific references to Dartmouth, but it is made clear that the plot could very easily be here.

Drmaj added that the rehearsals have been going well despite a very stretched-out schedule and the actors are fantastic. He said, "I'm very excited to be working with them."

The play will run again tonight at 7 and 9 p.m.

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