Erin Lee



On Taking Up Space

College is weird. Part extended summer camp, part boarding school for semi-grownups, part elitist neoliberal institution, part academia machine, college means different things to different people, but no one really knows what it’s going to be like until they’re there.


Fifteen students allege three professors created 'hostile academic environment'

In allegations that span multiple generations of graduate students, four students in Dartmouth’s department of psychological and brain sciences told The Dartmouth this week that three professors now under investigation by the College and state prosecutors created a hostile academic environment that they allege included excessive drinking, favoritism and behaviors that they considered to be sexual harassment.

letter from Board of Trustees to the Alpha Delta Corporation, March 13, 2017


Alpha Delta will not be re-recognized

The College notified derecognized fraternity Alpha Delta last month that the organization will not be considered for re-recognition, a move that concluded over 18 months of negotiations and discussions. A confidential letter, sent March 13 and signed by Board of Trustees chair Bill Helman ’80, stated that although many derecognized organizations have been re-recognized in the past, going forward, the College’s policy will be clarified to specify that derecognition is permanent.


College to clean toxic farm site

The College responds to petition to clean up Rennie Farm, which it used as a laboratory dump site for animal testing and other waste in the 1960s and 1970s


Students craft D-Plans

You've likely heard about the D-Plan — perhaps it was part of the reason you decided to attend Dartmouth — but there's a lot more to it than you're told on an admissions tour.

Melanie Vangel '18 arrested for arson

Melanie Vangel ’18 was arrested in Cape Elizabeth, Maine on July 17 in connection to a vehicle fire. She was arrested by state fire marshals for two charges of arson and one charge of theft by unauthorized use of property.

Favor will serve 5 ½ years for child pornography

African and African American studies and English professor J. Martin Favor was sentenced to 5 1/2 years in prison this morning. Favor pleaded guilty to a federal child pornography charge on March 31 and resigned from the College earlier this month.

Bike-sharing service Zagster will launch at College in fall

When Hannah Carlino ’17 found herself late to class every day walking from the Thayer School of Engineering to the Life Sciences Center sophomore year, she had the idea to bring a bike-sharing service to campus. Last winter, she partnered with Nick Ford ’17 to solve this problem, and their solution will come to life this fall. Fifty bikes at eight different stations will arrive on campus in early September, via bike-sharing company Zagster. Students and other community members will be able to rent the bikes using a phone app, though pricing is currently unknown.