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June 23, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Heatherton investigation related to 'out-of-state matter' according to attorneys

The investigation of psychology and brain sciences professor Todd Heatherton is related to an “out-of-state matter,” Heatherton’s attorneys said in a statement Wednesday. The investigation of Heatherton is unrelated to the investigations of professors Bill Kelley and Paul Whalen, according to the attorneys.

The three professors are alleged to have engaged in sexual misconduct and are being investigated by law enforcement, the College and New Hampshire Attorney General announced Tuesday morning.

“The Dartmouth College investigation regarding Dr. Todd Heatherton is limited to an incident that occurred outside of New Hampshire … Dartmouth officials have advised us that, to their knowledge, any investigation by the Attorney General’s office, as it relates to Dr. Heatherton, is limited to this out-of-state matter,” the attorney’s statement read.

Associate attorney general Jane Young declined to comment.

The investigation is not related to Heatherton’s research or teaching, according to the statement.

Heatherton’s attorneys, Julie Moore of Employment Practices Group and Steven Gordon of Shaheen & Gordon, are not representing Kelley or Whalen.