Anthony Robles

Anthony is a '20 from Dallas, TX. Anthony plans to major in Film & Media Studies at Dartmouth, and decided to join The D to further his passion for writing. In addition to working with The D, Anthony considers himself a passionate supporter of the Dallas Cowboys and spends his days watching movies, admiring fine art, and using the Oxford comma.



Eye-tracking technology could help AR

Augmented reality is poised to have a bright future. Researchers at the College have developed battery-free, eye-tracking glasses that could be particularly useful for enhancing existing AR technologies.


College proposes new sites for dormitories

Before an audience of around 30 community members, executive vice president Rick Mills proposed on Thursday afternoon three new sites that the College is currently considering for the construction of a new 350-bed undergraduate residence hall.


Rockefeller Center deputy director co-authors book

On July 27, 2018, Sadhana Hall, deputy director of the Rockefeller Center for Public Policy, and Gama Perruci, professor of leadership studies at Marietta College published the book “Teaching Leadership: Bridging Theory and Practice.” Since its publication, the book has topped the Amazon New Releases chart in Social Studies Teaching Materials and currently ranks at number three on the list. The book focuses on the idea of whether leadership can be taught, said Perruci.