Chris Curran


There Are Those of Us Who Love It

I have spent the past few years opining about various imperfections of Dartmouth, but today I wish to consider the many ways in which the College succeeds in educating students.

A difficult decision to make

I have not graduated, but that has not stopped the Office of Alumni Relations from treating me as though I have.

A Gap in the Generations

The war in Iraq is effectively over, but the question of whether it was justified still provokes divisions in our society.

The News We Kept to Ourselves

Journalism has a credibility problem. The nature of the profession is obtaining exclusive information from important people and conveying it to the public.

The Arab Street

As Saddam Hussein's regime collapsed in Baghdad, Iraqis danced in the streets in support of America.

Our Friends, The Saudis

As the military campaign against Iraq rolls to its inevitable outcome, it is worth pausing to consider the larger ramifications of an allied victory on our relationship with Saudi Arabia.

A Needed State Personality

The Capitol is plagued by Senators who are afraid to articulate their positions on issues, who are slaves to the media spotlight and who disingenuously attempt to create a image as ordinary "men of the people." The citizens of the State of New Hampshire are fortunate to have a junior Senator who suffers from none of these faults: John Sununu.

An Overvalued United Nations?

For an administration often painted by critics as unilateralist, the Bush team seems to have amassed a substantial group of friends in the past week.

Perils of Pacifist Thought

War always means failure." So says Jacques Chirac, President of France. Perhaps he is extrapolating from his nation's recent military history, but as a global truism his statement fails.

What Clusters Can't Provide

What do Greek organizations provide that residential clusters cannot? In a word: family. Intuitively, it doesn't make much sense why the Greek system continues to exist and thrive.

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