Caleb Powers


What Should Graduates Know?

Graduation is a time for extremes. Extremes of emotions (happy to be done; sad to leave), extremes of comfort (you're sweating in your gown; the Xanax addiction you developed recently to prepare for your cubicled job in New York has you feeling fine), and extremes of scent (the boot on your shoes from your last night of college vs.


United for a cause: Feeling good about a binge

For the last half-century or so, Dartmouth College has been one of the foremost battlegrounds for the most important and immense conflict of our era: The battle of the old school versus the new school. Once, long ago, Dartmouth was the world's primary point of convergence for "Good Old Boys" from cities across the United States.

Just Read Steph's Column

OMFG. We've worked through nearly another whole term and our big weekend is finally here. It's the same routine every term, but there's definitely something special about Green Key.

Major Advice for Major Advisors

I love my Hinman Box. It is to BlitzMail what stealing cars and killing prostitutes is to simply playing Grand Theft Auto video games; it's more interactive, more old school, more fun and it often involves money from Grandma. Last term my box brought me all kinds of fun reading materials.

DBA Reforms Make No Progress

We all like food. That's the way we evolved. There used to be cavemen who would sit around and look at their friends eating mammoth meat who would just sigh, thinking to themselves how boring food was.

WC: Advice for amateurs

Winter Carnival is a time to enjoy yourself. It's a time to forget about essays and midterms and personal responsibility and to enjoy life as a college student in Hanover, New Hampshire: the snow, the mountains, the rural setting and the free beer.

COPS: The Winter Carnival Edition

One of my favorite TV shows is "COPS." As the inspiration for a decade's worth of reality TV moronic garbage, I suppose that deep down I hate it with all of my heart and blame it for the undoing of America.

Revisiting DDS

In such turbulent times, I like having a source of consistency in my life. This is why I like the section of the Student Assembly website entitled "college committees." Here, you can see a list of SA's committees, apply to one and even view your archived applications, if there are any.

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