Andrew Haringer


National groups question Sununu's education stance

A much-debated topic in the recent election, N.H. Senator-elect John E. Sununu's commitment to education continues to be questioned by Democrats and watchdog groups. A pamphlet that was distributed on campus by Dartmouth's Young Democrats prior to the election asserted that Sununu voted five times against Pell Grant increases while serving in the U.S.

College inducts early Phi Betes

The 21 highest-ranked members of Dartmouth's Class of 2003 received early induction into the Phi Beta Kappa Society during a ceremony held at the President's House yesterday. Seniors Aaron Amsel, Latchezar Benatov, Jonathan Campbell, Tacy Downing, Dan Galemba, Kumar Garg, Devon Haskell, Reiko Imai, Jeffrey Kemnitz, Adam Kuhlmann, Ithan Peltan, Amyn Pesnani, Christine Randazzo, Ben Risk, John Robinson, Sam Schmidt, Jessica Sharkness, Jamie Smith, Kathleen Szilagyi, Jennifer Thomas and Justin Walsh took part in the ceremony. Galemba, Peltan and Thomas are members of The Dartmouth staff. Additional students representing the top 10 percent of the senior class will be inducted in the spring, but each fall the College honors those students whose academic achievements are exceptionally high, even by the standards of this well-known honor society. Founded at the College of William and Mary in 1776, Phi Beta Kappa is "the nation's oldest and most prestigious undergraduate honors organization" and is devoted to the pursuit of knowledge, according to the society's website. Today over 250 colleges nationwide have chapters.

I've Had Enough

In the wake of "The Zetemouth" and Psi Upsilon incidents, just about everyone under the sun has felt compelled to put in their two cents about the whole mess, and most of the results say little about the actual issue, and much about the individuals themselves.

A Rude Awakening

As I sat here during my off term trying to decide which lucky topic would provide the focus of this scintillating op-ed, I came to a sobering conclusion: I don't have any opinions.