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Hodes Knows Best

As much as I should have called it a wrap after Monday's drubbing of Schmidley, I just couldn't resist penning one final column before I leave the friendly confines of Hanover.

Toe to Toe: Hodes Vs. Schmidley (Hodes)

For over a year, Schmidley and I have debated some of the most pressing matters in sports. Now, with our careers coming to an end and with all of campus in need of closure, we are embarking upon one final debate to crown the unofficial victor.

Hodes knows best: Big Weekend

With another big weekend upon us, I have been asked to explain its athletic significance. Homecoming centers around a football game.


We all know the best player in the NBA. It is, and has been for several years now, Kobe Bryant. Not even thirty, Kobe has already accomplished almost everything an athlete could dream of, but there has been one glaring hole in his resume: a league MVP.

A Heckler's Guide to the Universe

As Dartmouth baseball prepares to face Columbia this weekend with an Ivy League championship on the line, the excitement is palpable.

The Big Green will compete for the Ivy title in a home game that will gauge Dartmouth fan enthusiasm.

Toe to Toe: Hodes versus Schmidley (Hodes)

Larissa Cespedes / The Dartmouth Staff With Dartmouth baseball closing in on its first Ivy League title since 1987, Schmidley and I entered what is one of the more interesting debates of our decorated tenures.

Toe to Toe: Hodes versus Schmidley (Hodes)

Best Available Player: Glenn Dorsey, DT Louisiana State University. While Schmidley will certainly make a compelling case for Darren McFadden, a man sure to turn beast in the NFL, we should not be blinded by skill positions.


Year after year, March Madness does not disappoint. And this year, we've been treated to a truly special event.


Team to Beat: The Boston Red Sox. That's right, I said it. The Boston Red Sox are the team to beat in 2008.

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