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Review: “Future” stuck in the past

(02/23/17 6:00am)

The beginning of 2017’s music landscape has been uncontestably dominated by rap artists from a city that has recently become a key niche of American popular culture: Atlanta, Georgia. Following the release of Migos’ wildly successful “Culture” in late January, Atlanta’s unique brand of trap rap has maintained a constant presence on radio stations, late night talk shows and the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

Review: Migos: the modern, mainstream kings of “Culture”

(02/02/17 7:00am)

Migos, a hip-hop group based in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, was formed in 2009 by Quavious Marshall, Kirshnik Ball and Kiari Cephus, who are respectively called Quavo, Takeoff and Offset on stage. With hits like “Versace” and “Hannah Montana,” the group’s third mixtape, “Y.R.N.” (2013) secured its place on top music charts. Migos is, perhaps, most famous for popularizing “the dab,” a dance move that originated on the Atlanta hip-hop scene, in 2015.

20 Turning 20: The Playlist Phi Delts Didn’t Know They Needed

(01/17/17 3:32am)

Most rules exist for a reason, but there are the golden few that make absolutely no sense. Many frats adhere to strict policies that students don’t understand, and Phi Delt’s mission to only broadcast music that’s more than 20 years old is no exception. It’s assumed that past brothers of Phi Delt don’t exactly want to hear “Beez in the Trap” when they come back to campus on a nostalgic wave, thus alums have enforced this rigid code. Since I live in the Choates, listening to whatever they choose to play outside during the warmer months is something that I am subjected to against my will. Don’t get me wrong, “You Make My Dreams” is a huge bop and anyone who doesn’t have an internal dance party is lying to you.

Song Analysis: “Hanover Girls” by the NH Love Song Warriors

(11/12/16 6:04pm)

When I found this song, it had 3 views on YouTube, and I have probably (unashamedly) contributed more than half of the current views it now has. It was written by the NH Love Song Warriors, a group that sings of the lovely ladies of Hanover, as well as the women of various New Hampshire and Massachusetts towns and cities.

Music Review: Solange's "A Seat at the Table"

(10/14/16 4:00am)

“I’m weary of the ways of the world,” Solange sings in her new release “A Seat at the Table.” The album cover, featuring a faded photo of the artist’s face, suggests a dark tone. Indeed, the music in this new release may not be as colorful as the celebrated “Losing You,” but “A Seat at the Table” brings detailed arrangement and articulate, powerful lyricism to the ­— no pun intended — table.

Unlocking the Secrets of “Space Jam”

(04/14/16 12:05pm)

One of the most bizarre chapters of “Looney Tunes,” basketball and cinema history was the release of the 1996 film “Space Jam,” starring Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny and you know the rest (otherwise you wouldn’t have clicked on the link). One of the most underrated aspects of the film is its corresponding soundtrack, which features such hits as R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” and Steve Miller’s “Fly Like an Eagle.” But by far, the crown jewel of the “Space Jam” soundtrack is the eponymous “Space Jam” by the Quad City DJ’s. It’s a perfect representation of the film, in that you feel warm feelings of nostalgia listening to it, but when you remove that nostalgia, you realize just how truly odd it is.