Picks of the Week 16S.3

By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 4/25/16 8:27am

Dartbeat asks a group of musically inclined students to recommend their favorite song picks of the week. We then share a few of those tracks. Enjoy!


Låpsley – "Hurt Me"

Lucy Tantum: I read about Låpsley, a 19-year-old English singer and songwriter, in a New Yorker article (obviously - where else does one discover music?). The article describes her songs as "elegiac confessionals," which means that the author majored in poetry. It also means that Låpsley's songs have a soulful and personal quality, like slightly-alternative Adele. "Hurt Me," from Låpsley's 2016 album, begins with a subdued tone before soaring into a powerful anthem. It's great for studying, relaxing, or, if you want to emulate the music video, walking through the woods pensively.


A Tribe Called Quest – “Buggin’ Out”

Parker Richards: After the recent death of Phife Dawg (Malik Taylor), it’s worth listening to one of A Tribe Called Quest’s classic hits again. One of the seminal acts in alternative hip hop and jazz rap, A Tribe Called Quest will miss its noted MC, as will all the fans who have followed the group over the course of their five albums (1990 to 1998) and five compilations, the latest of which — “The Best of A Tribe Called Quest” — was released in 2008.

The Dartmouth Web Staff