Song Analysis: “Hanover Girls” by the NH Love Song Warriors

By Melanie Kos | 11/12/16 1:04pm

When I found this song, it had 3 views on YouTube, and I have probably (unashamedly) contributed more than half of the current views it now has. It was written by the NH Love Song Warriors, a group that sings of the lovely ladies of Hanover, as well as the women of various New Hampshire and Massachusetts towns and cities.


Upon further investigation, I found out that the song was created by Matt Farley. Farley is from New England and has written and recorded over 18,000 songs spread out across 200 albums. “Hanover Girls” is merely one of these many works. Since the song is so deep, I decided to break down the true meaning of Farley’s words, line-by-line.

I’ll tell you over and over and over (x3)

How I love those lovely ladies from Hanover 

(Farley is telling us repeatedly just how much he loves Hanover women. This sentiment is echoed throughout the song.)

They’re filled with oh-so much knowledge

That they got from courses at Dartmouth College

And they’re so hot it makes me want to quiver

When I see them skinny dipping in the Connecticut River 

(The song is becoming more profound. Sure, the singer loves Hanover women, but he is also aware of their smarts, making the sweeping generalization that everybody in this town goes to Dartmouth. He knows about the Ledyard Challenge, showing that he is also savvy to Dartmouth tradition. Not only is he down to get with you, he’s also down to know you.)

Over and over and over

I’ll tell you over and over and over (x2)

How I love those lovely ladies from Hanover 

(Farley is hammering the message home. It’s like your mom saying, “How many times have I told you?” except he’s not nagging you to clean your room or pick a major you can actually find a job with. He’s letting us know just how beloved the ladies of Hanover are.)

Sometimes when I’m feeling down

I’ll take a walk to the center of town

And look for a hot female

Who will join me for a hike on the Appalachian Trail 

(The singer gets a little frisky here. He knows just how reputable Hanover women are, and how any “hot female” will be an amiable companion on the AT, which runs through campus. Once again, Farley shows us how much he knows about Hanover. All these references definitely cannot be found on Wikipedia or anywhere else on the internet. And it’s not like he has written a song about every other New England town or anything.)

Over and over and over

I’ll tell you over and over and over (x2)

How I love those lovely ladies from Hanover…. NH 

(The final verses of this ballad return to where we began. From admission at the start, to proof throughout the song, and the final confirmation of the singer’s truth: He loves the lovely ladies of Hanover.)

Luckily, the song is available on Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music for your streaming or purchasing pleasure. And if you’d like to hear more, Farley has 17,999 other masterworks for you to check out.

Melanie Kos