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FoCo Joe: Ice Cream Sandwich Barnburner

(08/05/14 12:49pm)

It’s pretty crazy to think that the summer quarter is ending in less than three weeks. The term flew by, and I have learned a lot this summer. But one thing that will always confuse me about this campus is the unpredictable weather patterns. I have no complaints about the summer temperatures in good ol’ Hanover, but I have yet to master the concept of humidity and how to best prepare myself for it. Every humid day leads to my wanting to wear flip flips, because my feet get uncomfortable in fluffy socks, but I think I there has only been one day this summer where I have worn my flip-flops and it hasn’t rained. It’s as if I’m Dartmouth’s Karen, from Mean Girls—my feet can always tell when it’s already raining.

FoCo Joe: "Ants on a Raft"

(07/15/14 9:37pm)

This week’s dessert is, strangely enough, inspired by King Arthur Flour’s Instagram account. I have a bad habit of liking food photos more than photos with my friends in them, and this summer, I started following more food accounts than ever before. Yes, food has been on my mind, and this week’s dessert is arguably my least sweet since I began writing this column. Perhaps I am still recovering from the sweetness of my “Sangria” shake, I’m not sure. But as I was scrolling through my food-saturated Instagram newsfeed I stumbled across a photo from King Arthur Flour of a piece of rye bread with peanut butter and cinnamon — yes, cinnamon — on it. What?!

Collis Concoctions

(07/11/14 8:52am)

My goal for the past two terms has been to step up my FoCo game, especially with such limited DDS locations and hours during the summer. Collis, however, has always been harder for me to work with. Stir-fry and pasta are pretty straight-forward – pick a sauce, add some veggies, boom, you’re done. Trying to mix it up meant I had to get creative. But if you think your options are restricted, maybe you’re not thinking about it the right way.

FoCo Joe: Virgin Summer Sangria Shake

(06/30/14 9:00am)

Towards the end of our dinner, my friend and I were talking about a Buzzfeed article we had read about sangria — a drink I had recently on my study abroad program in Argentina — and the many ways it can be made. As I got up to make myself a dessert, I spontaneously decided to take some inspiration from the fruity beverage, or at least see if it was possible. To the surprise of everyone I was sitting with, I managed to make a delicious dessert with real appeal — essentially a non-alcoholic sangria with the elements of a tasty root beer float.

Molly's Not-So-$2 Margarita

(06/27/14 7:00am)

Times in Hanover certainly are a-changin' with Molly's Restaurant's latest announcement of its first margarita price hike in 15 years. On July 1, the $2 margarita will become the $3 margarita; however, according to the sign now posted at each table, 50 cents of every margarita sold through the month of July will be donated. Of course, Molly's recognizes that this is a big change in the Hanover community. On June 30, the restaurant will hold a farewell party for the beloved $2 cocktail with free appetizers as well as a chance to win prizes and gift cards. Don't worry, the bread is still complimentary.

FoCo Joe: Cocoa Krispies Cone

(06/25/14 1:00pm)

For week one of 14X, I knew I wanted to delight in something involving soft serve ice cream. As much as I enjoyed my spring in Buenos Aires, Argentina on the Spanish LSA program, I ate too much gelato and not enough soft serve. In my opinion, soft serve is one of the most quintessential summer desserts. What better way to celebrate the magic of soft serve than with an uncanny topping—Cocoa Krispies cereal! Rainbow sprinkles are such a classic — I will always be a fan. Cocoa Krispies, however, add a chocolatey crunch to a smooth swirl of chocolate and vanilla ice cream. The constant crunch in every bite, as opposed to just the soft bites of the cone, makes for a noticeably different eating experience. It is worth a try!

Martha Stewart Comes to King Arthur Flour

(06/20/14 3:00pm)

As lifestyle expert Martha Stewart mixed the ingredients for her festive holiday stollen in a metal bowl at a sold-out cooking class at King Arthur Flour’s Baking Education Center in Norwich last Wednesday, she insisted that all bakers use a plastic spatula to prevent food waste, just as Stewart’s mother had taught her in her childhood kitchen. The class helped attendees connect with Stewart beyond her television persona, as she told personal stories to enrich her baking lessons.

An Afternoon at the Hanover Farmers Market

(06/19/14 6:30pm)

As I made my way across the Green, tipping my hat to happy bikers and frisbee-throwing families, I couldn’t help but think, “This would make a great opening scene for a romantic comedy.” Think about it. A girl walks into the farmers market expecting to find homemade salsa and walks out with the love of her life. I, on the other hand, walked into the farmers market expecting to find the love of my life and walked out with homemade salsa. Go figure.

Dartbeat Investigates: New KAF Goodies

(05/23/14 9:00am)

Standing in the KAF line at 9:57 a.m. on Monday morning, I noticed the trendily redesigned menu brimming with new editions. At the time, I did not have a strong reaction (I was also trying to grab an iced tea and yogurt to get to 10s acceptably late). However, I do not cope well with change. For the past few terms, I have been rocked by seemingly incoherent additions and subtractions to the KAF offerings. It all started with the 8 p.m. closing time that decimated my late-night productivity, and then sandwiches disappeared, then new pastries showed up on the counter (mmm black bean pie), then sandwiches came BACK and now there are even more savory options. What am I supposed to believe anymore? Can I trust that a new beloved library snack will be available from one term to the next? I do not have all the answers, but I can advise you, dedicated KAF customers, on the new offerings so that you can allocate your remaining DBA wisely.

Oh! The Places You’ll Go: My Brigadeiro

(05/19/14 8:00am)

It’s a big deal when a new sweet shop comes to the Upper Valley. Dazzle Cupcakes generated much buzz after opening last winter, often selling out of cupcakes within two hours of opening shop. Students still complain about Ben and Jerry’s closing in Hanover (Morano Gelato is better anyway), and many make regular trips to West Leb for Ice Cream Fore-U.

Scenes from FoCo: DIY Omelettes

(05/05/14 10:30am)

If you happened to stop by FoCo for brunch yesterday, you may have noticed something a little different - DIY omelettes. From what it seems, gone are the days of ordering at World View. Instead, you can cook up a storm at the stir-fry area that converts to an omelette station for Sunday brunch. The line snaked around the corner, showing that the new option was perhaps not the most efficient. However, students had free reign over toppings and could customize their order as much as they wanted.

Appetizing April: A DDS Food Face-Off, Round 1

(04/03/14 9:15am)

Feeling a withdrawal from brackets as March Madness draws to a close? Get ready for one that will keep you busy through April, focusing on something we all care about: food. It’s your chance to weigh in and vote for your favorite DDS foods in the four regionals: Collis, FoCo, KAF and the Hop. Vote in the following polls to determine which foods will advance to round two! Some foods, like Collis soup, have a lot of varieties or customization options, so interpret the entry as your favorite variation.

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