The Basics of Ice Cream Fore-U

By Irene Cofie | 6/23/14 8:00am

For students and professors craving a sweet treat this summer, Ice Cream Fore-U is the place to go. Located in West Lebanon, Ice Cream Fore-U boasts a variety of ice cream flavors, including cookies and cream and moose tracks. It also has frozen yogurt and soft serve, with fresh flavors like blueberry making this sophomore summer staple stand out.

Ice Cream Fore-U regularly has a flavor of the week special, which can be viewed on their website. According to some of their employees, the most popular ice cream flavors are chocolate chip, peanut butter cup and Oreo ice cream.

The smallest serving of ice cream at Ice Cream Fore-U is the “baby” sized portion, though the name is misleading as one scoop is roughly the size of a fist. Even better, the baby size soft-serve portion only costs $1.50. You can consume the baby size ice cream in a sugar cone, waffle cone or in a to-go container.

While small, medium, and large options also exist, first-timers should probably stick to the baby portion to avoid ice cream overload.

Even if you are not an ice cream lover, Ice-Cream Fore-U has got you covered, as the shop also offers hot dogs, pizza, fries and more, as well as outdoor seating to enjoy the nice weather. Ice Cream Fore-U is open daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., and they most definitely have ice cream for you.

Irene Cofie