Appetizing April: A DDS Food Face-Off, Round 4

By Katie McConnell, The Dartmouth Staff | 4/23/14 4:00am

Smoothie (64%) > Stir-fry (36%)

The fruity goodness of the smoothie beat out stir-fry to be the Collis champion. Springtime urges and days of warmth and sunshine seem best suited for a cool smoothie. People also like to think that they’re being healthy by choosing a smoothie, which definitely aids in creating that illusion. Green smoothies (and juices, but Collis doesn’t offer those!) are very trendy and can be recreated by getting some spinach or kale from the salad bar beforehand, too.

Chocolate Chip Cookies (82%) > General Tso’s Chicken (18%)

I can’t say that I’m surprised by this result. The cookies have been there for us since the dawn of new FoCo (although I cannot speak to its earlier incarnation — it was before my time) in all their gooey, chocolate-y glory. Don’t feel too bad for the General Tso’s chicken though, as it was offered just a couple of days ago and the line at Ma Thayer’s was consistently long.

Brie & Apple Sandwich (80%) > Caesar Salad (20%)

Perhaps the charms of laughing alone with salad have begun to wear off, and people now prefer eating a sandwich in the company of their friends. Regardless, gluten will always trump greens. As my little cousin (whose sister is on a gluten-free diet for health reasons) proudly proclaims – she prefers to lead a “gluten-full” lifestyle. But I wonder if the brie & apple is the favorite of the returned sandwiches? And where is the curried chicken salad sandwich? Can we bring that back please?

Chicken Tender Queso (60%) > Breakfast Sandwich (40%)

The chicken tender queso is my go-to order at the Hop grill line so I’m happy that it came out on top! I recommend getting it sans salsa (i.e. “dry”) and dipping it in guacamole. While I don’t normally choose breakfast sandwiches, they are perfectly acceptable (and available) at any time of day and particularly popular for late weekend mornings. Still, it can be hard to compete with a food item entirely centered on both melted cheese and fried food.

** Disclaimer: These gifs are not accurate representations of the food in question. Shockingly, no gifs of Dartmouth Dining Services food currently exist

Katie McConnell, The Dartmouth Staff