Collis Concoctions

By Katie Hake, The Dartmouth Staff | 7/11/14 4:52am

My goal for the past two terms has been to step up my FoCo game, especially with such limited DDS locations and hours during the summer. Collis, however, has always been harder for me to work with. Stir-fry and pasta are pretty straight-forward – pick a sauce, add some veggies, boom, you’re done. Trying to mix it up meant I had to get creative. But if you think your options are restricted, maybe you’re not thinking about it the right way.


Egg white or regular omelette? There’s much more at stake here, trust me. Collis breakfast was the only thing that got me to 7:45 a.m. drill on time. You would think I’d be an expert at navigating it by now. You would also be wrong. The box of somewhat-decent bananas helps me out, but the bread at the end of the salad bar seems sadly underappreciated. Throw some peanut butter on a slice, add banana slices and steal honey from the smoothie station. You now have a solid meal to start the day.


This is where you really get crazy with the stir-fry. Try a sauce you’ve never had before and then another. Add your own veggies from the salad bar and put an egg on top. Everyone will marvel at your creation. (They don’t need to know how simple it was. Another option is to make your own sandwich – and also put an egg on it. You should probably put an egg on your sushi, too. Just put an egg on everything.


Perhaps you’ve noticed a few new additions to the salad bar recently. While grabbing vegetables for my pasta yesterday, two small white signs caught my eye. Under them were two containers full of komatsuna from our own organic farm and Swiss chard from nearby Edgewater Farms. Apparently Collis has embraced local produce. I have no idea what these two leaf products actually are, but they tasted great thrown in with the normal vegetables. Even salad can be spiced up if you know where to look.

And don’t even get me started on Late Night.

Katie Hake, The Dartmouth Staff