FoCo Joe: Cocoa Krispies Cone

By Joseph Kind, The Dartmouth Staff | 6/25/14 9:00am

For week one of 14X, I knew I wanted to delight in something involving soft serve ice cream. As much as I enjoyed my spring in Buenos Aires, Argentina on the Spanish LSA program, I ate too much gelato and not enough soft serve. In my opinion, soft serve is one of the most quintessential summer desserts. What better way to celebrate the magic of soft serve than with an uncanny topping—Cocoa Krispies cereal! Rainbow sprinkles are such a classic — I will always be a fan. Cocoa Krispies, however, add a chocolatey crunch to a smooth swirl of chocolate and vanilla ice cream. The constant crunch in every bite, as opposed to just the soft bites of the cone, makes for a noticeably different eating experience. It is worth a try!

Necessary materials: spoon, soft serve, bowl of Cocoa Krispies.

Step 1: Place soft serve ice cream in a cone — the more traditional the appearance, the better. My first attempt left lots of room for improvement in the looks department, but the final product tasted so good it didn’t matter!

Step 2: Over the bowl of Cocoa Krispies, transfer some cereal from a spoon onto the ice cream. If this method does not work, dip the ice cream cone into the bowl for more Cocoa Krispies, just be careful not to distort the soft serve too much.

Step 3: Enjoy! There are many variations of the classic ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles, so get creative! It’s finally sophomore summer!

Joseph Kind, The Dartmouth Staff