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FoCo Joe: Phish Food Yogurt

(10/24/14 7:00am)

I recently noticed that combining Greek yogurt and Nutella is trending among the men's swimming and diving team. It really is a beautiful dessert, so simple, delicate and loved (or at least respected) by all. Everyone has his or her own ratio of yogurt to Nutella — some turn out a very dark brown, while others are a lighter chocolate milk hue. Either way, this dessert is a surefire success.

FoCo Joe: Homecoming French Fry Bonfire

(10/17/14 2:45pm)

Happy Homecoming everyone! What better way to celebrate this wonderful weekend than with an exciting French Fry Bonfire straight from FoCo? This week’s dessert is French fries topped with “the fire” – no, it is not spicy, nor is it the predictable ketchup-mustard combo. This is a dessert fire, if you will—a sweet and creamy concoction of vanilla soft serve, orange soda and (since it is fall) a touch of pumpkin ice cream. This week’s dessert, unlike last week’s Apple Burger, is incredibly easy to replicate. Step 1: Grab a handful of fries, around 20 or so, from the grill station. If you want to make a giant bonfire, by all means go for it; this dessert is intended to serve one to two people (also unlike most of my other dessert creations — woohoo!). Step 2: Stack fries “log cabin” style — two parallel French fries to start the first layer, then another pair of French fries on top as another “story.” The second pair is perpendicular to the first “story.” Use longer French fries at the bottom of the bonfire, and shorter ones toward the top. Step 3: Mix vanilla soft serve (or ice cream — it’s just a preference thing for me, though ice cream is creamier and thicker in texture) with a small scoop of pumpkin ice cream and some orange soda. To give the “fire” the hot color it deserves, veer toward the orange soda bias and use the vanilla more conservatively. Step 4: Dip fries into the “fire” and enjoy! This dessert is not quite as savory and amazing as the McDonald’s French fry-McFlurry combo, but at least you can finally “touch the fire” safely.

FoCo Joe: Appleburger

(10/10/14 10:00am)

If only I could go back seven weeks in time, at the height of my sophomore summer at Dartmouth. I had just started following a relatively well-known food review website on Instagram, The Infatuation, and my life suddenly gained so much meaning. One of the first photos that came up on my Instagram home page was this gem — it was labeled as a breakfast #EEEEEATS, but seen by my eyes as an eventual FoCo creation. And with midterms this week, what better way to procrastinate than to spend 20 minutes in FoCo celebrating the best meal of the day — dessert!

A Night on the Town: Hanover Bar Crawl

(10/07/14 7:00am)

It’s no secret that Dartmouth students don’t exactly flock to the bars in town when the weekend rolls around. While there have been somewhat-secret “hot spots” for upperclassmen (RIP 3 Guys Trivia Tuesdays), the largely underage student body remains pretty unaware of what lies just south of Wheelock Street. In order to unveil the mystery, two of the senior-iest Dartbeat writers were assigned to investigate. With “alcohol expert” Helen Pfeiffer ’16 in tow, we set out on Friday night with our work cut out for us. Hey, maybe this will become the new senior year circuit?

Base Camp Café Brings Nepali Cuisine to Hanover

(10/06/14 8:00am)

Moving from the San Francisco Bay Area to Dartmouth was quite the change for me. I realized that I would soon feel temperatures below zero, and have to wear snow boots and a parka just to remember what warmth felt like. And I had to get used to a slightly more limited food scene. I always joke with friends from home that in Hanover, there’s the Chinese restaurant, the Thai restaurant and the Indian restaurant.

FoCo Joe: DIY Rice Krispie Treats

(10/03/14 9:00am)

So I have to start this column by admitting that for some reason, this week I had no idea what type of dessert I wanted to make. Last week’s apples and honey dessert was obvious, given the start of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. This week, I sadly had no holiday to fall back on when my creative juices failed me. Like the state of California, my creative juices are facing a serious drought. For some reason, all of my usual go-to sources for clever dessert ideas just weren’t helping me. But luckily, my friends came to the rescue this week — I must give credit to Lydie McKenzie ’16, whose idea to make Rice Krispies treats in FoCo turned out so well. How could I have failed to come with something so simple and saliva-inducing on my own?

FoCo Joe: Rosh Hashanah Apples and Honey Platter

(09/26/14 8:00am)

It is an exciting time of year for Jewish people everywhere — the High Holidays, or High Holy Days as some call it, are upon us. September 25 is New Year’s Day on the Jewish calendar, which runs with the changing phases of the moon. Next week will see the Day of Repentance, or Yom Kippur, which concludes the High Holidays saga of sorts. Both holidays are extremely important in Judaism, and therefore this week’s FoCo dessert ought to be important, too.

Free Boloco Day

(09/26/14 7:00am)

Anyone walking down Main Streeton Wednesdaymust have noticed the huge line extending from the door of Boloco, the chain restaurant specializing in burritos that are either better than or almost as good as Chipotle’s, depending on who you ask. One thing that’s undeniably better than Chipotle, however, is Free Burrito Day, the source of the almost 20-minute wait.

FoCo Joe: Banana Boats

(09/19/14 9:00am)

14F is already underway, and with a new season comes a new flavor profile for all types of foods. The pumpkin spice latte is back, apples are very much in season and home-cooked comfort foods are making a comeback. Though we can very much see that 14X is long gone, I still refuse to accept that fall has truly begun. This week’s dessert is an homage to the straddling between seasons — it can be made at any time of the year and taste great. I call it a “banana boat,” inspired by an entirely different dessert from my study abroad experience in Buenos Aires, Argentina over 14S — the fall season in the Southern Hemisphere.

FoCo Joe: Cap'n Crunch Smores Cereal

(08/20/14 1:00pm)

I must admit, I am a big fan of Cap'n Crunch. FoCo's cereal selection in general truly astounds me; there really aren't any great cereals missing from its collection. This week, I knew I wanted to make something s'mores-related. I'm not sure why I was craving smores so, most likely a symptom of the almost-end-of-summer blues. Though there are no marshmallows, graham crackersor chocolate bars that I am aware of in FoCo, it is still very much possible to turn the s'more dream into an almost-reality. I was more than satisfied substituting marshmallow spread (FlufferNutter) for marshmallows, chocolate syrup for chocolate bars, and Cap'n Crunch pieces for graham crackers. Throw in some Reese's Pieces for good measure, and boom! A smore's cereal is born. Step 1: Head over to the spreads by the toaster and place no more than a palm's worth of marshmallow spread in a bowl. Less is more when it comes to this stuff; it is sticky, fillingand addicting. Portion control is critical here. Step 2: Over by the soft serve machine, drizzle on some chocolate syrup over the marshmallow spread.Nothing too difficult here, especially since aesthetics are not a concern for this dessert! It's that good! Step 3: If you're into the chocolate peanut butter combo, like I am, spice up your s'mores with a spoonful of Reese's Pieces. The taste is not overpowering the essential S'mores flavors, and the candy's thicker texture adds a nice complement to the comparatively flakier (well, crunchier) Cap'n Crunch. Step 4: Speaking of Cap'n Crunch, it's time to head over to the cereals collection and add just under a half of a serving of Cap'n Crunch to the bowl. Here is another good place to make this dessert your own; if you are a rare species of human that does not like Cap'n Crunch, go ahead and add your own cereal! Step 5: Now, using a spoon, mix all ingredients together. It may look weird but it will taste great. The more mixed everything is, the better. A special note: it is obviously a bit of a stretch to call this dessert a cereal, as there is no milk; that's because milk and marshmallow spread do not mix. I have no idea why that is, but a chem major might. Also: adding soft serve or ice cream is not a bad idea, but this dessert is sufficiently filling without ice cream! I tried adding vanilla soft serve, and while I am always a sucker for any kind of ice cream, I found that the marshmallow flavor becomes lost in the creamy vanilla, and a smore's-flavored dessert turns into a fun collection of tasty sweets. Which isn't to say that such a result is a bad thing, I like fun collections of tasty sweets, but in a moment of summer nostalgia it might be worth adding the ice cream to this dessert on another night. Good luck on final exams everyone! Until the fall.​

FoCo Joe: Chocolate Raspberry Sugar Cookie Bars

(08/14/14 2:30pm)

Dearest readers, do not be stunned by the length of this dessert’s name. This mouthful is “definitely in the top ten, maybe even the top five” best desserts I have ever made for this column, Laura McCulloch ’16 said. This dessert s a first for the column in many ways, at least in comparison to the other desserts I have made this summer. It is one of the first I have made that does not feature ice cream — a sad but true fact — and it is also the first dessert I have ever made that utilizes the raspberry preserves spread. It’s very light on the stomach, which is a bit of a departure from past creations. Hopefully my next “bar” will not require silverware, but my friends and I were happy with the results!

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