The Ultimate Hanover Dining Guide: Part 2

By Maria S. Brenes | 10/1/14 3:00am

Check out part one here.

The Friendlies: Delicious and affordable. The perfect places for a casual brunch or dinner date with your friends.

Molly’s Restaurant

When I think of Molly’s, I picture groups of friends waiting outside the door to get called to a table. Something about the restaurant makes it the perfect spot to hang out with your friends, eat decent food and embrace the change of scenery. When it comes to the food, the dishes are often hit or miss — it really depends on what you order.

Again, I can’t stress how friendly the atmosphere is. But I’ll let you be the judge of that.

What to get: the bread (and it’s free!), fish and chips, Robie Farm mac and cheese.

Lou’s Restaurant

Ahh, the smell of fresh pastries in the morning! Since opening in 1947, Lou’s has enchanted Dartmouth students and Hanover visitors with its fresh ingredients and fulfilling menu. The welcoming staff and shabby locale will make you feel cozy and in the mood for homemade pastries. It quickly became one of my favorites, up to the point where I did the Lou’s challenge twice my freshman year.

What to get: The Big Green (with cruller French toast) and the breakfast quesadilla.

The Quickies: They fulfill your (unhealthy) cravings and won’t break your piggy bank.


It’s 1 a.m. and you just came home from hanging out with your friends. You’re exhausted, but before going to bed you realize you’re starving. The obvious solution? EBAs! Known as the go-to food when it’s late or you just want to have a Netflix kind of night, EBAs specializes in regular and specialty pizzas, but also will deliver sandwiches, pasta and salad. In case you want to venture to the actual establishment, it’s located at 5 Allen St.

What to get: Buffalo chicken pizza.

C&A’s Pizzeria

This small, redbrick establishment may be less well-known among Dartmouth students, but it serves some of the best gyros I have ever tried. It is actually a pizzeria, but I recommend that you leave the pizza for another restaurant and get their gyros instead. C&A’s is located at 17 Lebanon St., across the street from the Black Family Visual Arts Center.

What to get: Chicken gyros. Gyros, gyros, gyros.


Boloco is another delivery favorite that specializes in burritos and bowls. While the dishes might not measure up to an authentic Mexican burrito, the restaurant does a good job incorporating several ingredients that allow you to make tasty creations. Plus, the webpage makes ordering in extremely easy!

What to get: Chicken tikka bowl, or make your own.

The Cafes: Cozy little places to hang out, drink coffee and maybe do some homework.

Dirt Cowboy Cafe

Dirt Cowboy is a great place to sit down, sip coffee and catch up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. The ambiance is laidback and welcoming and the coffee is superb. Its major drawback is that it does close pretty early now (often at 2:30 p.m.).

What to get: During cold months, hot chocolate.


While Starbucks seems to be a highly frequented spot at other colleges, when I first got to Dartmouth I was surprised that students seemed to prefer King Arthur Flour or Dirt Cowboy. What can I say about it? It’s a Starbucks. You go and order coffee, someone misspells your name and then you drink it while pretending to do work on your computer. Or actually doing it. In fact, I have found that it’s a good place to study and get away from all the Dartmouth distractions (yes, I’m talking to everyone who works on First Floor Berry).

What to get: Your usual Starbucks favorite. If you’ve never been to a Starbucks, starting with the frappes is not a bad idea.

Maria S. Brenes