The Ultimate Hanover Dining Guide: Part 1

By Maria S. Brenes | 9/24/14 3:00am

Oh, the pleasure of getting an off-campus meal!

While freshmen may still be infatuated with FoCo cookies and the Hop’s chicken tender quesos, those of us who have been here a little longer know the value of an off-campus meal.

You will too, ’18s. You see, loving campus food is like having a second-grade crush. You think you love chicken tender quesos, and that’s, well, cute. But then you see them every day and your crush progressively fades, until that day when your crush bites you and you don’t want to see them ever again. (By the way, stay away from FoCo curry. It’s one of those that bite, if you know what I mean.)

The good thing here is that when your infatuation fades away, you will always have great options for food escapades in Hanover!

The Fancies:A little over the top for your average college meal, but perfect for romantic dates and dinner during parents’ weekend.


Pine, the Hanover Inn’s restaurant, prides itself on serving American cuisine, with an emphasis on using New England’s fresh produce. This classy and elegant establishment offers brunch (on Sundays), lunch and dinner. The decoration is tasteful and cozy, and the food is exquisite. It’s more on the pricey side, so it’s a great place to bring your parents or professor, or when you want to have a fancy (fancy for Hanover, at least) dinner date with someone special.

What to get: Fries with lemon aioli; any of the desserts.

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Canoe Club

Canoe Club is not hard to spot — for one, it’s filled with canoe memorabilia, matching its preppy Ivy League atmosphere. Its decorations draw on various aspects of Dartmouth history and live music plays during dinnertime — not to mention that it is in front of JCrew. While it is supposed to be an American restaurant, the menu includes other types of cuisines like Thai and French.

What to get: Malay curry shrimp and short rip nachos.

The International Foodie:These are the establishments that serve international dishes — there’s a variety of Asian cuisine options in Hanover.

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Thai Orchid

Located above Starbucks on 44 South Main St., Thai Orchid offers Thai specialties (no big surprise there), using authentic ingredients and condiments. There are also several healthier options and many vegan and gluten-free dishes. The atmosphere is laidback and friendly, perfect for having conversations and people watching.

What to get: Pad Thai and mango sticky rice. Be sure to check out the $9 lunch specials.

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Jewel of India

Jewel of India is a bit farther away than the others for most students. It became a personal favorite during those days in freshman year when I was wearing my Dartmouth sweats, didn’t want to get out of bed to go to FoCo, but still wanted something other than pizza or burritos. While delivery might be quite expensive for what you get, trekking all the way to the restaurant (which is next to The Lodge, in front of the Black Family Visual Arts Center) is more affordable.

What to get: My personal favorite is chicken tikka masala (diced chicken immersed in a rich, tomato sauce served with white rice).

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The Orient

The Orient is a Chinese and Japanese cuisine restaurant located in the basement of 3 Lebanon St. It might be hit or miss depending on how acquainted you are with good Chinese/Japanese cuisine. If you are not a connoisseur of either, you’ll probably enjoy the dishes. There is also great variety — enough offerings to make me stare at the menu for about 25 minutes before I order Pad Thai.

What to get: Pad Thai and scorpion bowl (that is, if you are of legal drinking age).

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Originally named Yama, this Japanese and Korean restaurant located across from CVS changed its name after a transfer of ownership in the spring. However, the new restaurant preserved Yama’s friendly staff and delicious food. SushiYa is a perfect place for a sushi date with your special someone or a meal with friends.

What to get: Really? Just look at the name. Any type of sushi. Get sushi.
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Candela Tapas Bar

Although I haven’t been to this restaurant yet, I’ve heard friends marvel about it. Candela is a great addition to the repertoire of international cuisine restaurants because it is — excluding pizza places — the only European cuisine restaurant in Hanover. Tapas, for those of you who don’t know, are traditional Spanish appetizers that can be served cold or hot. This seems not to be the best place for vegans or vegetarians since most of their dishes include meat. Since it’s a lounge, Candela has a very hip, chic and fun ambiance, making it perfect for a girl’s night out or a light meal. The place tends to fill up quickly, so I recommend making reservations at least five days in advance.

What to get: Some favorites seem to be the pork belly tapas and the flan dessert.

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Read about the next three categories of restaurants: The Friendlies, The Quickies and The Cafes, next Wednesday on Dartbeat!

Maria S. Brenes