Farmers Market Fun

By Caitlyn Karol | 9/18/14 7:15am

After a long relaxing summer, fall term is here at last. Fall in Hanover, as many know, is filled with joyful reunions, new beginnings and beautiful (not yet completely freezing) weather. And what better way to spend a breezy, colorful autumn day than at the Farmers Market?

Located in the center of the Green every Wednesday from 3 to 6 p.m., the Market is bound to have something for everyone. You’ll be sure to see many Hanover locals with their families, dedicated vegetable and/or cheese aficionados and of course, many Dartmouth students browsing from tent to tent. Food options range from ripe fruits and vegetables to sweet and salty kettle corn. In between, there is an assortment of cheeses, herbs, baked goods, flowers and more locally prepared foods. Whether you are simply taste testing or looking to buy nine large bags of kettle corn, the bustling market never disappoints.

The kettle corn station is always a favorite and is rarely without a long line. With its savory sweet flavor, a large-sized bag is the perfect snack addition to any dorm room, and the stand’s lemonade is the perfect addition to go with it.

The pickle station also never disappoints; whether your favorite is dill or bread-and-butter flavored, their setup gives you a chance to sample all kinds or buy an entire jar. Juicy strawberries, ripe peppers, carrots, lettuce, radishes, eggs, potatoes and more line the market under different labeled tents.

And if you are someone who prefers sweets to vegetables, there is even a cupcake station with all sorts of decorative mini and normal-sized cupcakes that make for the perfect midday treat.

With live music playing lightly in the background, the Farmers Market has the perfect atmosphere for the stressed student looking to unwind after classes. Unfortunately it doesn’t stay through winter, so make sure to stop by before it ends its season on the Green on October 15th. Happy fall!

Caitlyn Karol