FoCo Joe: Cap'n Crunch Smores Cereal

By Joseph Kind, The Dartmouth Staff | 8/20/14 9:00am

I must admit, I am a big fan of Cap'n Crunch. FoCo's cereal selection in general truly astounds me; there really aren't any great cereals missing from its collection. This week, I knew I wanted to make something s'mores-related. I'm not sure why I was craving smores so, most likely a symptom of the almost-end-of-summer blues. Though there are no marshmallows, graham crackersor chocolate bars that I am aware of in FoCo, it is still very much possible to turn the s'more dream into an almost-reality. I was more than satisfied substituting marshmallow spread (FlufferNutter) for marshmallows, chocolate syrup for chocolate bars, and Cap'n Crunch pieces for graham crackers. Throw in some Reese's Pieces for good measure, and boom! A smore's cereal is born.

Step 1: Head over to the spreads by the toaster and place no more than a palm's worth of marshmallow spread in a bowl. Less is more when it comes to this stuff; it is sticky, fillingand addicting. Portion control is critical here.

Step 2: Over by the soft serve machine, drizzle on some chocolate syrup over the marshmallow spread.Nothing too difficult here, especially since aesthetics are not a concern for this dessert! It's that good!

Step 3: If you're into the chocolate peanut butter combo, like I am, spice up your s'mores with a spoonful of Reese's Pieces. The taste is not overpowering the essential S'mores flavors, and the candy's thicker texture adds a nice complement to the comparatively flakier (well, crunchier) Cap'n Crunch.

Step 4: Speaking of Cap'n Crunch, it's time to head over to the cereals collection and add just under a half of a serving of Cap'n Crunch to the bowl. Here is another good place to make this dessert your own; if you are a rare species of human that does not like Cap'n Crunch, go ahead and add your own cereal!

Step 5: Now, using a spoon, mix all ingredients together. It may look weird but it will taste great. The more mixed everything is, the better.

A special note: it is obviously a bit of a stretch to call this dessert a cereal, as there is no milk; that's because milk and marshmallow spread do not mix. I have no idea why that is, but a chem major might.

Also: adding soft serve or ice cream is not a bad idea, but this dessert is sufficiently filling without ice cream! I tried adding vanilla soft serve, and while I am always a sucker for any kind of ice cream, I found that the marshmallow flavor becomes lost in the creamy vanilla, and a smore's-flavored dessert turns into a fun collection of tasty sweets. Which isn't to say that such a result is a bad thing, I like fun collections of tasty sweets, but in a moment of summer nostalgia it might be worth adding the ice cream to this dessert on another night.

Good luck on final exams everyone! Until the fall.​

Joseph Kind, The Dartmouth Staff