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Watching the Ivies: 4/1

(04/01/13 11:00am)

BROWN: Police officers and family members continue to search for Brown University student Sunil Tripathi ’12, who has been missing for over a week. Last seen two Saturdays ago, Tripathi left “a note suggestive of suicidal intent” along with his wallet and credit cards at his apartment before his disappearance, according to the Brown Daily Herald. The FBI has joined the search, the Daily Herald reported. A Facebook page, titled “Help Us Find Sunil Tripathi,” is created to help raise awareness of Tripathi’s disappearance by compiling all the available information.

Watching the Ivies: 3/25

(03/25/13 2:30pm)

BROWN: A campus-wide stomach virus at Brown University was determined by the Rhode Island Department of Health to be a norovirus, according to the Brown Daily Herald. Brown’s Health Services office contacted the Department of Health last week after observing a sharp increase in the number of students with gastrointestinal symptoms. State laboratory tests confirmed two cases as testing positive for norovirus, which was sufficient to classify the circumstance as a norovirus outbreak. Noroviruses cause the majority of nonbacterial gastroenteritis worldwide.

JYK takes his talents to The Huffington Post

(03/25/13 11:30am)

Former College President Jim Yong Kim, currently president of the World Bank, can now add blogging for The Huffington Post to his resume. So far, his posts have focused on improving economic and human rights issues in the Third World that speeches delivered during his time at Dartmouth often mentioned. The first article, published on February 5, “What Can We Learn from Expensive Chicken Wings on Super Bowl Sunday?” discusses the future of food insecurity in the face of global warming and a growing global population. By 2050, Kim writes, food production will need to increase by 70 percent in order to feed the global population of nine billion. While agricultural production remains unsustainable, improvement of practices and more research could offer hope for the seemingly unstable future, Kim writes.

'Round the Girdled Earth: Goodbye, Ollanta

(03/07/13 11:30am)

On March 12th, after over two months of living in Peru, I will finally be heading back to the good old United States of America. It’s hard to begin to reflect on my time here, partially because I still have a little over a week left, but also because I don’t think I will truly realize the effect life in Ollantaytambo has had on me until I get back and let some time pass by. However, one thing that is clear is how much I’m going to miss my Peruvian family, students, co-workers and friends, who were all such a significant part of my experience here.

Dartbeat Asks: United States intervention in Syria

(03/05/13 8:00am)

Two years ago, Syrians took to the streets to demand that their government stop torturing student activists. Today, the country is embroiled in a civil war, with 70,000 rebels and civilians killed and President Bashar Al-Assad still clinging to power. This week Dartbeat Asks: Should the U.S. send direct military aid to the opposition groups?

Watching the Ivies: 3/4

(03/04/13 2:30pm)

BROWN: Students at Brown University have established the Student Conduct Information Service to provide assistance to students accused of disciplinary violations by the University. SCIS aims to serve as an “informational resource” to students facing Academic Code or Code of Conduct hearings, according to the Brown Daily Herald. The group will hire its inaugural team of undergraduate members this spring, and hopes to be fully operational next year.

Watching the Ivies: 2/26

(02/26/13 8:00am)

BROWN: After accepting a $3 million donation from an anonymous donor, Brown University will renovate the John Hay Library this coming summer. The Brown Daily Herald reported that the renovations would feature a new main reading room, cameras, an improved security system and an additional student lounge area. The multimillion-dollar gift came at a crucial time for the library’s remodeling project. Selldorf Architects will lead the renovation.

Oh! The Places You'll Go: Stella's

(02/22/13 1:00pm)

One of my fondest memories from DOC First-Year Trips does not involve digging up pineapple Canadian Ground Fruit, hiking to the Top of Holt’s Ledge on the Appalachian Trail or yum-yumming apple crisp. Instead, one moment that sticks out occurred while on the bus ride from the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge back to campus, when I was simultaneously fighting to stay awake and attempting to take as shallow of breaths as possible to combat the BO stench wafting off everyone save for the bus driver. My eyes half-open, I fantasized about taking the longest shower of my life and eating a meal that didn’t consist of yogurt-covered raisins and Cabot cheese.

'Round the Girdled Earth: Leisure time in Ollanta

(02/21/13 8:00am)

On one hike to an Incan fort known as Puma Marca, our trail had been washed out due to heavy rainfall, and we ended up hiking for 15 minutes up a stream, only to reach another river and waterfall. There were some rocks to walk across to the other side, but some of them were submerged because of the excess rainwater. As we debated whether it would be worth the risk of falling down a raging river and waterfall, one of the volunteers just went for it, and next thing we knew she was on the other side. It was pretty questionable, but since one of our volunteers had already made it we knew it was technically possible, and we all crossed safely, although I’m still not sure how. It reminded me of forging a river in The Oregon Trail, except in real life.

Dartbeat Asks: State of the Union 2013

(02/19/13 1:30pm)

In his fourth State of the Union address last Tuesday, President Barack Obama asked Congress to focus investment in areas including education, alternative energy research, infrastructure and manufacturing as a route to long-term economic improvement. He also focused on renewed attention to climate change, voting reform and nuclear disarmament. The impassioned rhetoric of the speech’s closing moments revealed the President’s (or his speechwriters’) personal stake in the gun control effort.

Watching the Ivies: 2/18

(02/18/13 2:00pm)

BROWN: At Brown University, the Undergraduate Council of Students has drafted a statement to be sent to Congress in protest of the federal budget sequester. The federal spending cuts include a 6 percent reduction in federal financial aid for students, which the UCS declares will make Brown unaffordable for numerous individuals. The UCS approved the statement without objections and will submit it to Congress, the Brown Daily Herald reported. The statement also recommends that professors on sabbatical leave have their pay raised from 75 percent pay to their full-time salary.

Oh! The Places You'll Go: Tip Top Pottery

(02/15/13 11:00am)

When the Claflin jewelry studio at the Hopkins Center just isn’t satisfying your creative itch, Tip Top Pottery ( in White River Junction is the place to go. Tip Top is a traditional pottery studio in that the process involves choosing a ceramic piece, painting it and leaving your masterpiece to be fired and picked up at a later date.

'Round the Girdled Earth: A Guide to London

(02/12/13 8:00am)

After years of British period pieces (can you say Atonement (2007)?) and a mildly obsessive relationship with English breakfast tea, last fall I finally journeyed across the Atlantic to experience the city of London firsthand. I was supposedly there for the history foreign study program but, in reality, I was just there to swoon at each and every accent. My first hours in the United Kingdom were characterized by persistent hot flashing as I attempted to comprehend the world around me and simultaneously reenact every scene from Love Actually (2003).

Watching the Ivies: 2/11

(02/11/13 10:00am)

BROWN: Kendrick Lamar and A-Trak will headline two concerts during Brown University’s Spring Weekend Concert, on April 19 and 20. The Brown Daily Herald also reported that local band What’s Cheer? Brigade will join Big Feedia, the Dirty Projectors and Deerhunters as supporting acts over the weekend festival. The acts were announced surprisingly early this year, after an email with a false lineup that included The Postal Sevice and Toro Y Moi was sent to the BlogDaily Herald.