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Getting to Know the GOP

(10/07/11 2:00am)

There have been plenty of opportunities to poke fun at the president over the last few years, such as incorporating drinking games into the State of the Union Address (the phrase "let me be clear" was easily responsible for the most shots taken since his inauguration). Now presidential primary season is upon us at Dartmouth, and since there are no Democratic primary challengers to poke fun at, I'm forced to focus my affection solely on the Republicans. In case you're unfamiliar with the participants in Tuesday's debate, I've compiled a fun little profile to help familiarize you yourself with the candidates:

Tune In, Turn On

(10/07/11 2:00am)

As some of the smartest college students in the United States (self call), we are expected to be interested and well-versed in national politics and world affairs. Yet as Dartmouth students, we live fast-paced academic and social lives, often allowing matters outside of the Dartmouth world to seem unimportant.

Casler: One Year Later

(10/07/11 2:00am)

Coming to Dartmouth was one of the best decisions I've ever made. When I think back to where I was exactly 12 months ago, I am still amazed at how much I've changed. This school has challenged and taught me more than I ever thought was possible. So, for what it's worth, here is my take on Dartmouth after three plus terms in residence.

Verbum Ultimum: Debate Decorum

(10/07/11 2:00am)

Next Tuesday, the College will renew an exciting quadrennial tradition when GOP presidential contenders take the stage in Spaulding Auditorium for the ninth Republican primary debate of the 2012 election season. Hosting a debate is a tremendous honor one that only two other schools in the nation are currently scheduled to share. Students of all political persuasions should engage in the lively and spirited dialogue that the event will bring to our campus, but it is imperative that students and community members remember to set a civil and respectful tone for this discourse.

Hollisto's World

(10/07/11 2:00am)

Waking up in the morning is a task. I have three alarms located in different parts of my bedroom. Each one is louder and more annoying than drunken karaoke with Alvin and the Chipmunks. One even requires me to do a series of long division problems in order to turn off the buzzer. Despite this elaborate ordeal, it still takes me over 30 minutes to get out of bed in the morning.

Daily Debriefing

(10/07/11 2:00am)

Fifteen law schools will face legal charges for misrepresenting their post-graduation employment figures to applicants, Inside Higher Ed reported. The prosecution which has not yet filed formal charges alleged that law schools have significantly inflated their reported employment rates by including part-time employment, employment in temporary positions and employment in jobs not requiring a JD in their statistics. The pending charges signal an ongoing attempt to highlight the difficult job market faced by young lawyers, according to Inside Higher Ed. Although law schools have become more transparent regarding employment data, such a shift has highlighted previous misleading reports, attorney David Anziska said in an interview with Inside Higher Ed. Executive Director of the Association of American Law Schools Susan Prager expressed concern that the recent allegations rely on the false assumption that law school graduates must be employed full-time in the legal field in order to be considered successful, Inside Higher Ed reported.

Choir behind the commotion on the Green

(10/06/11 4:46pm)

A loud, slightly omi­nous beat was heard from Col­lis porch to the class­rooms of Dart­mouth Hall this af­ter­noon. Though it seemed from a dis­tance at­trib­ut­able to the be­gin­ning of pledge term fes­tiv­i­ties, the Cre­ole Choir of Cuba was be­hind the stunt. The group, which draws on Cuban, Hait­ian and African in­flu­ences, was being video­taped and at­tracted the at­ten­tion of a small non-stu­dent crowd. The Cre­ole Choir seemed to be per­form­ing as part of the Hop's pub­lic­ity cam­paign for tonight's 7 p.m. show.