Editors Note

by Erin Lansky and Christina Wray | 10/6/11 10:00pm


The Mirror runs fo' Prezident.

Inspired by the upcoming Republican debate, we promise to heal our ailing economy, eliminate our national debt and remedy our healthcare system and we'll cure cancer, for that matter. We promise to combat conceited conservatism and eliminate lascivious liberalism, to support the common man and the blue-chip corporation in a nutshell, to stand for liberty and mozz stix for all!

With our brand new '15 staffers (we own them) and Lil' Wayne (he owns us) as our most dedicated fans, who wouldn't be on board?

Oh, politics. How we love to blaspheme thee to talk around but not about the issues.

Is our coping mechanism characteristic of campus culture? Do we avoid hot topics through witty vagaries to avoid conflict, conceal our collective ignorance or dodge the PC police? To what lengths will we go to avoid the heat of hot topics in Hanover?

We want to talk politics. We want to know what you believe or what you don't, for that matter.

The Mirror: A publication we can believe in.