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Stand-ins assist in Republican debate prep

(10/11/11 7:10pm)

Though im­per­son­at­ing a pres­i­den­tial hope­ful may seem like a James Bond-es­que way to spend a Mon­day af­ter­noon, the Dart­mouth stu­dents serv­ing as de­bate stand-ins left Spauld­ing Au­di­to­rium look­ing rather bored by their or­deal. Sev­eral stu­dents who re­sponded to a cam­pus-wide blitz func­tioned as “height-alikes” for spe­cific can­di­dates, while oth­ers sat in the chairs sur­round­ing the table of mock can­di­dates. Mojin Chen ’15 was eat­ing in Col­lis when he was ap­proached and asked if he would sac­ri­fice a few hours of his time to be a stand-in. He agreed, har­bor­ing a se­cret hope that he might re­ceive a ticket to today’s de­bate. In­stead, he left Spauld­ing after 2.5 hours with only an empty Milk Duds box and sorely dis­ap­pointed ex­pec­ta­tions.

Daily Debriefing

(10/11/11 2:00am)

Boston University's 4,300 first-year and transfer students received a personal telephone call from the school's administrators last week, The Boston Globe reported. Rather than calling about disciplinary actions or bad grades, administrators including the dean and provost of the university checked in on the students' initial adjustment to the college lifestyle. Students and professors alike have lauded this initiatve, and administrators at peer institutions have commended the Boston University administration in light of the fact that only 57 percent of students at four-year colleges graduate within six years, according to The Globe. The commonly reported problems of homesickness and roommate difficulties, combined with the financial demands engendered by the current economic climate, contribute to the large amount of stress in college freshmen, The Globe reported. Students reacted positively to the phone calls, and expressed their appreciation for the personalized contact via the Dean of Students Twitter page, according to The Globe.

Fraternities extend over 350 bids in rush process

(10/11/11 2:00am)

With a flurry of suits and ties on Webster Avenue, the fraternity rush process concluded on Sunday after lasting for two nights. Fifteen fraternities are expected to extend 364 bids to College males, according to Hunter Dray '12, Inter-Fraternity Council rush chair. Results for the number of bids allotted are not yet finalized as Bones Gate fraternity has not submitted its numbers to the IFC as of press time.

Campaigns begin campus push

(10/11/11 2:00am)

The Rockefeller Center will host "Meet the Campaigns," an event open only to Dartmouth students, on Tuesday from 4 to 5 p.m., according to Sadhana Hall, deputy director of the Rockefeller Center. Representatives from the campaigns of the eight candidates attending have been invited to answer student questions about the campaigns and the candidates' policy stances, Hall said.

Through the Lens of Lentz

(10/11/11 2:00am)

Last week I suggested that we have more home football games at night and an Ivy League championship game for the sport ("Through the Lens of Lentz," Oct. 4). Two weeks ago, I wrote on the need to change the Class of 1953 Commons ("Through the Lens of Lentz," Sept. 27). This week there will be more suggestions. There will be movie references. What would we have if the noner columnist had his druthers? Well, let's find out.

Mehring: The Importance of Coming Out

(10/11/11 2:00am)

On this year's National Coming Out Day, an annual occasion to celebrate and build support throughout the LGBT community, I think back on my own experience. The memory replays as vividly as a film I'm perched across from my sister, swaying anxiously as if carried by waves, and I felt seasick. What brought me to this moment was nearly a lifetime of guilt, confusion and dread, but my pain had finally crossed some threshold. "I'm gay." The words scraped and stuck to the back of my throat like swallowed shards of glass, but I was beginning to taste the sweetness of freedom.