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Making Religion and Spirituality Accessible

(11/13/09 4:00am)

Nobody goes to church anymore. They all stopped when they all got to college, the fire extinguisher of religion. Maybe for the first few weeks, devoted students attended church or temple. But then they got to the "I'll go next week" phase, then to "I'll make it there for holidays" and finally to "I give up." That's when they faced the truth: they didn't have the time, they didn't have the energy and they certainly didn't have the discipline.

Losing Faith

(11/13/09 4:00am)

It's easy to lose things on this campus. Whether it's that black North Face you made the mistake of bringing out with you over the weekend, or the spanking new silver Macbook you casually left on first floor Berry while you went to satisfy your late night snack craving at Novack, thinking that overpriced bright orange case would help distinguish it from the rest, losing one's belongings at Dartmouth seems almost inevitable.

The Gospel According to Matthew

(11/13/09 4:00am)

Religion and spirituality at Dartmouth, huh? The most religious person I have ever known at Dartmouth was a drug dealer. He was a two-sport recruit and converted to Catholicism. I used to watch him blow lines at 6 a.m. and then I'd sleep in as he'd be off at 8 a.m. to drive some elderly people to their doctor's appointments in Manchester, as community service for the Catholic student association, or whatever.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

(11/13/09 4:00am)

After hours of in-depth research (the Wikipedia page on "Religion and sexuality" is really long), I have compiled a collection of many religions' stances on such topics as sex, pornography, birth control and masturbation. In addition, I took it upon myself to relate these topics to the Dartmouth hook-up culture and provide advice for the religious students living on campus.

Editor's Note

(11/13/09 4:00am)

This week, the Mirror looks at religion and spirituality on campus. While many students find it difficult to stay in touch with their religions once they've left home, others have developed deeper relationships with their religions while at Dartmouth. Then there are some who choose not to practice any faith at all. Wherever you may fall on this spectrum, we hope this issue gives you a better understanding of religion and spirituality at Dartmouth.

Around the League

(11/13/09 4:00am)

Harvard (9-6-1, 6-1-0 Ivy) took home the Ivy League championship for the second consecutive year this season. The Crimson entered last weekend guaranteed a share of the title, but ensured sole possession of first place with an overtime win over Columbia on Saturday. Yale (10-6-0, 5-2-0 Ivy) finished in second, with a loss to Harvard earlier in the season.

Daily Debriefing

(11/13/09 4:00am)

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., announced Thursday that she will endorse Congressman Mike Capuano '73, D-Mass., in his campaign for the open Massachusetts Senate seat. Pelosi cited Capuano's "proven record of standing up for progressive values and what he believes is right," including health care reform and marriage equality, as reasons for her support, according to a press release from Capuano's campaign. As speaker-elect, Pelosi selected Capuano in 2006 to oversee the Democratic Party's transition to the majority and later asked him to head her Special Task Force on Ethics Enforcement.

EBay exec. discusses the company's retail model

(11/13/09 4:00am)

In the online world of eBay, a grilled cheese sandwich emblazoned with the face of the Virgin Mary sold for $28,000, and four strands of hair purportedly belonging to George Washington went for $17,000. People put a lot of trust in strangers when they buy and sell on eBay, and for the most part that trust is well-placed, according to Neel Sundaresan, a senior director at eBay and head of eBay Research Labs.