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Football looks for first home win in clash with Crimson

(10/27/06 9:00am)

Starting quarterback Liam O'Hagan was sidelined early in the season, and backup Chris Pizzotti stepped in to carry the Crimson's reins. Pizzotti powered the Crimson to a 5-0 start behind solid numbers. He completed 61 of 115 passes (a 53.0 completion percentage) for 904 yards, four interceptions and five touchdowns. He threw for an average of 180.8 yards-per-game. Most important of all was his flawless record.

Restoring the Balance of Power

(10/27/06 9:00am)

With mid-term elections just around the corner, we should all be reminded of how lucky we are to be living in an enlightened, democratic country such as the U.S., and marvel at how seamlessly the American political system operates. Despite the Republican party's near-monopolization of all the branches of our government in recent years, they are not by any means guaranteed such a position permanently. In American politics, whenever any one party acquires too much control over the political apparatus, it is inevitable and natural for the pendulum to swing the other way, bringing elements of the opposing party into power.

Applying the Good Samaritan Policy

(10/27/06 9:00am)

It is very easy to mock organizations when they are in trouble, especially when the behavior of their members conforms to or opposes campus stereotypes. Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority has become a campus punch line in recent weeks due to its bid night debacle. While the arrest of 11 pledges for alcohol violations this past month is no laughing matter, the College's response has raised its own curious set of questions. The incident has brought excessive drinking and hazing to the forefront of campus dialogue, and the discussion of the Good Samaritan policy has left students befuddled.

Daily Debriefing

(10/27/06 9:00am)

The Dartmouth power plant opened its doors to groups of students by offering a series of free group tours of the plants facilities on Wednesday. The tours provided students with the opportunity to ask questions about how Dartmouth's power and heat are generated and to discover the ways the plant impacts the local environment. Originally constructed in 1896, the building has undergone extensive renovation since then. Of the boilers housed in the plant, the oldest dates back to 1958 while the newest was added in 1996, the same year that a new control system was installed. The plant is also responsible for providing roughly 45 percent of the electricity to the campus as a byproduct of its steam creation. During the summer, the steam is also used to run air conditioning in some of the College's buildings.

Lecture discusses rising Asian powers

(10/27/06 9:00am)

"India, Pakistan and China: Asia's Rising Powers," a presentation Thursday about American diplomatic perspectives on the changing relationships between the United States and the three Asian countries amidst emerging economic growth, featured lectures from Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of South and Central Asian Affairs Steve Mann and Cyrus R. Vance Fellow in Diplomatic Studies Evans Rever.

Brain Imaging Center hosts symposium

(10/27/06 9:00am)

The Brain Imaging Center hosted a day-long event Thursday highlighting the use of neuroimaging equipment at Dartmouth in faculty and graduate student research. The event, which kicked off a series of presentations on the subject, included talks by Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center professionals and Dartmouth professors as well as posters detailing different aspects of graduate-level research.

Equestrian...So hot right now

(10/27/06 9:00am)

I could tell something was up a few weeks into the term when I walked into Collis and didn't get so much as a glance. Why? Because usually I turn a few heads. "Who does this girl think she is?" you're probably asking. Well let me add that on this day, as is the case at least five out of seven days a week, I was dressed to ride. I am an Equestrian. A member of that varsity team which so effortlessly combines athletics, animal intuition and now, thanks to the fashion tides of fall 2006, high style. If you follow fashion you know that the equestrian "look" is majorly in, and not just in Paris, Milan and New York. It's officially hit Hanover. That day that I strode into Collis, ready to grab some food before I drove to the barn, I was decked out in my usual uniform during riding season: breeches, half chaps and paddock boots. But I wasn't alone and the other person sporting the "look" was not on my team. In fact, I realized, the reason I wasn't getting any stares was because my uniform was played out in a few variations on at least four people in Collis. Some had high leather boots over jeans, others had them over leggings, and I almost choked on my stir fry as I saw what looked like knee patches on the suspiciously breeches-like pants of another.

Quick Fix

(10/27/06 9:00am)

These songs have great personal significance. One of my favorite parts about the human brain is its ability to reinstate long lost emotional states after hearing just one chord from a song. Suddenly current feelings are completely replaced by nostalgic ones from some particularly painful or blissful period of life that was accompanied by a song on repeat.

OMG I Saw A Movie

(10/27/06 9:00am)

Hey men, remember when you were young and you would swim at the bottom of your pool with your feet tied together with one of those rings you would dive for? Remember when you would burst from the pool onto the stairs and flip your hair back with passion, jutting your budding breasts out? No? Well every girl you've ever known does (and maybe some of you have and just aren't owning up to it ... come on, you tried it once. It felt good. That's OK, children are meant to experiment).

What do Dartmouth kids do in a city where one can do everything?

(10/27/06 9:00am)

When asking for input on this article, I received several well-intentioned but patronizing remarks along the lines of "poor little Kentuckian who doesn't understand that the vastness of the City cannot be contained." Yes, people. I have at least visited New York, and I realize that my home of 260,512 does not quite compare to Manhattan's 1,537,195 (not to mention surrounding boroughs, of course). Still, surely one could give a recommendation or two for the Dartmouthian-turned-New Yorker.

Dressing Dartmouth

(10/27/06 9:00am)

Halloween is near and we all know what that means: girls in slutty costumes and dudes blacking out, so really nothing out of the ordinary around these parts. Which brings me to my next point: What the F is up with all the costumes? Halloween lasts 12 months a year on Webster Ave, where at any given moment you can spot someone sporting their best genuine rabbit-fur pimp hat, lime green unitard, pink tutu, coconut brassiere and other generally revealing or anachronistic attire, and you've been here so long that you don't even think its weird.

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