Daily Debriefing

by Compiled by Zach Swiss and John Fine | 10/27/06 5:00am

The Dartmouth power plant opened its doors to groups of students by offering a series of free group tours of the plants facilities on Wednesday. The tours provided students with the opportunity to ask questions about how Dartmouth's power and heat are generated and to discover the ways the plant impacts the local environment. Originally constructed in 1896, the building has undergone extensive renovation since then. Of the boilers housed in the plant, the oldest dates back to 1958 while the newest was added in 1996, the same year that a new control system was installed. The plant is also responsible for providing roughly 45 percent of the electricity to the campus as a byproduct of its steam creation. During the summer, the steam is also used to run air conditioning in some of the College's buildings.

Stoning Morrell '78, who ran the popular White Mountain amusement parks Story Land and Heritage New Hampshire, died from caner at the age of 50 on Sunday. Story Land, a park for young children, contains attractions based on classic fairy tales. Morrell's parents, Ruth and Bob Morrell, founded the park in 1954 and Stoning took over its operation in the 1980s. Located in Glen, N.H., Story Land draws visitors from New Hampshire and other surrounding New England regions. In addition to his work at the amusement parks, Morrell made donations that enabled the Glen Fire Department to buy its first ladder truck in 2004 and helped create the Bartlett Village Park. Morrell is survived by his wife, son, daughter and sister.

Dr. John F. Eliot '93, a performance enhancement consultant, gave a lecture at the Rockefeller Center entitled "Chasing After Your Dreams: Crafting The Life You Want" on Thursday. Eliot, an expert in peak performance, helps his clients achieve higher levels of performance by changing the way they think about becoming exceptional. He has worked with groups ranging from musical acts like Dave Matthews Band to sports teams like the Dallas Cowboys as well as celebrities like George Foreman. Eliot was an All-American baseball and rugby player and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Dartmouth after completing a Senior Fellowship that focused on applied psychology. Inspired by the questions and feedback he received at his lectures and workshops in the past, he wrote "Overachievement: The New Model for Exceptional Performance."