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What Not to Do This Weekend

(05/14/04 9:00am)

Look, I don't know why Green Key weekend is called Green Key weekend, or what it's supposed to stand for or when it originated, but I'm pretty sure that it was NOT originally intended to be just a celebration of drunkenness. Disgusting college behavior can be enjoyed on any weekend, so why not make this one special and different? Instead of donning a toga, go out on the Green and play badminton with some kids from White River Junction who may or may not have learning disabilities. They'll get a kick out of the activity and your resume will look exponentially more impressive. Or perform a Random Act of Kindness on a day that isn't Random Act of Kindness Day. Now that's random!

Green Key Debauchery

(05/14/04 9:00am)

So, Green Key has finally arrived. The snow that envelops Hanover for half of the year has at last receded, along with the frigid weather and winter depression. Spring has arrived with all the beauty embodied in 8 p.m. sunsets and cloudless skies. In honor of this highly-anticipated arrival comes the weekend of mythic proportions ... (insert drum roll) Green Key.

'Lenin' makes unique statement on post-Soviet politics

(05/13/04 9:00am)

With a personal touch and a statement about life far beyond Socialist Germany, "Good Bye, Lenin," playing at the Nugget this week and slated to show at the Hopkins Center later this month, is one of few films documenting one of the most important political and geographic shifts in the past 25 years: the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Religion in the Public Forum

(05/13/04 9:00am)

Maybe I am combative or argumentative by nature, or just plain curious about what people believe, but in my conversations with my friends, I often cannot resist asking, "Why do you believe that?" Whether we are talking about the legitimacy of same-sex marriage, or the fight for fair trade, or the reproductive rights of women, or the battle against poverty, or the constitutionality of the phrase "under God" in the pledge of allegiance, or the pervasiveness of pornography, I try to probe and understand the fundamental assumptions that my friends hold. But no matter how diverse the topics of our conversations are, I notice that one fundamental assumption almost never fails to emerge: Separation of church and state means that religion has no business influencing public policy.

DFS brings film culture to Dartmouth's silver screens

(05/12/04 9:00am)

We've all been to the Hop to see a movie. This term some people went to "The Magdalene Sisters" while others went to "Big Fish." Luckily, there's something for everyone. But who exactly picks out the movies that are shown? Who decides which hot new movies should get playing time? Who decides which weird French foreign film people might like?

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